Bath & Bed Time 

Hey Guys,

Following on from my previous post about Frankie & Charlie’s Routine, I thought I would write about my bath and bedtime part.

Bathing two babies to get them into bed for 7.30 is like a military operation!! The first time I attempted it I think I was almost in tears. So the next day I planned in my head how I would do it without making it a nightmare. So here’s how it goes down…

I pre make Charlie and Frankie’s bottle so they are ready to go after the bath. Whilst the bath is running I take Charlie upstairs, I put him on a towel and undress him on the bed so he can have a kick around with no nappie on. I then go and get Frankie and get him undressed. I get a towel for both of them into the bathroom and put their nappies and pyjamas laid out on the bed ready.

By this time the bath should be run. I have a great towel covered baby ‘thing’ ( I have no idea what to call it) from Mothercare to put Charlie on. It’s great because if Frankie moves the water doesn’t splash over Charlie’s  face because he is elevated out of the water a bit.

So Charlie goes on his ‘thing’ and Frankie’s goes the other end of  the bath with all his toys. I make it fun by getting Frankie to help me out with washing Charlie.

He gets his little boat, fills it with water and poures it over Charlie’s belly. This actually melts my heart. We have had a few occasions were he got a bit too excited and it’s gone over Charlie’s head but we’re learning!

I lay the two towels out on the floor and get Charlie out first wrapping him up in his towel, then I get Frank out and I encourage him to dry himself whilst I  take Charlie into the bedroom and put him on the bed. Frankie usually follows me in. While I’m getting Charlie creamed and changed Frank makes a complete mess of my bedroom but it keeps him entertained for a few minutes. Then I get Frankie dressed.

By this time my partner Tom is home so I take Frankie downstairs and give him his bottle on the sofa with his Daddy.

I take Charlie’s  bottle up and feed him half in a dim lit room. He usually is falling asleep by this point so I wind him, get him all swaddled and then finish the rest of his bottle. A second wind on my shoulder while he gets more sleepy and then down in his bed. I do always let him be slightly awake as I think it’s important for babies to learn how to fall asleep by themselves.

Charlie’s cot is a co sleeper called a Snuzpod and it is attached to the bed. I can zip the side up if I want or have it down so I feel close to him in the night. My favourite things to swaddle him in our his MOOBLESANDTOOBLES  organic cotton blankets ( seen in the last picture of Charlie on this post) and his jungle jam ADENANDANAIS Muslin blankets.


Once Charlie is all snug I go downstairs and bring Frankie up to his room. We read a story in his reading corner ( normally the book ‘no-bot’ he is obsessed with this book at the moment) and then he always asks me to get into bed. He gives me a big cuddle and a kiss, and the minute his head hits the pillow falls asleep.

When I go to bed wether it be between 11 or 12 I give Charlie a dream feed bottle. I just lift him up and feed him about 3-4oz. I wind him on my shoulder still swaddled then put him back down and he hardly even wakes.

So that’s how my nights are filled at the moment and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

If anyone has any questions please comment or feel free to email me at

Love Gracie x


Easter Baskets

So Easter is upon us, the time where your house gets filled with far too much chocolate for anyone to eat!  Easter is such a great holiday because you can go as big or as little as you want. I’ve never really made that much of a fuss about Easter but when you have little people around it definitely makes you more excited to make an effort. We have never had a table in our house, and Easter has promted me to get one. 

I really wanted us all to have a big family meal together with fun decorations everywhere. 

So the first thing I wanted to do was baskets for Frankie and Charlie. It’s been so fun finding little bits to put into the baskets. Every year months before easter, supermarket  shelves are stacked high with Easter eggs and that’s all most people buy, so by the time everyone’s given the kids there egg theres no room left in the house! So I thought making a basket with not just Chocolate in it would be a bit more exciting than getting my child into a chocolate coma!  

So here’s a list of all the things I’ve bought for the boys baskets and were I got them from. 

Both baskets and straw shavings from eBay. 

Charlie’s Basket – 7 weeks old 

Plastic bath duck – Morrisons 

Duck sponge – Morrisons 

Lamb teddy – Tesco 

Duck teddy – Jellycat 

Little Easter book – Waterstones 

Baby shoes – Inch Blue 

Hop Jumper – Gap  

Little chick – pack of 10 from eBay 

Frankie’s Basket – 23 months 

Easter sticker book – eBay 

Easter books – Waterstones 

Colouring book and crayons – Tesco 

Bunny ears – Tesco 

Green tin with bunny drippings chocolates – Tesco 

Cream mug and egg – Laura Ashley 

Straw nest – Tesco 

Chocolate bunnies – Tesco 

Carrot chocolates – Tesco 

White bunny teddy – Laura Ashley 

Pot of gold mini eggs – Tesco 

Hop jumper – Gap 

I got this great Easter flower basket from Morrisons. It’s such an easy way to decorate your table, simple but so cute! You can’t have Easter  without mini eggs! I have had to refill this glass about three times already! 

I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration to make your little ones a fun Easter basket. Why not get a great Easter outfit too…. I’ve got Frankie and Charlie matching outfits, I can’t wait to see how cute they will look! 

Jumper and trousers – Gap 

Moccasins – Wolfeandwillow  


Have a ver happy Easter guys. 

Any questions please just comment ♡

Love Gracie xo 

‘A picture says a thousand words’

Charlie’s first 6 weeks ♡




Milestone Cards are such a great way to help you remember to take all those special pictures. I never did it with Frankie… Don’t get me wrong I took a million pictures but I think it’s so special knowing how old they were when you look back. I’ve found it so fun taking the pictures and making each one different. It’s also a great idea for when they turn one you can make a book on there first year with all the great pictures you’ve taken. All my pictures were taken on my iPhone, they take such great pics! Why not try it out and take some memorable pics of your little ones. I hope you liked looking at Charlie’s first 6 weeks ♡

Love Gracie 



The Newborn Baby Guift Guide

Hello lovelies,

This week I got my first baby gift through the post from my lovely cousin, and it got me thinking about all the lovely gifts you receive from family and friends when you have a baby.

I have been so much more relaxed this time around with buying loads of things for Charlie’ s arrival next week because I know how much I was lucky enough to be given with Frankie.

Two weeks before Frankie was born I woke up one morning In a massive panic that I didn’t have enough, so dragged my partner Tom out the door to go shopping and buy everything I thought I needed. Let’s just say after all the gifts we received Frankie was a very spoilt boy and had a better wardrobe than Victoria Beckham!!

When I received my first gift for Charlie it got me thinking of all the wonderful small independant shops I have found through Instagram!
It is truly amazing how Instagram has opened my eyes up to how many talented ladies are out there.

So today I am going to be featuring some beautiful stores all through the world of Instagram.
I posted a post on my page a couple of days ago calling all small shops to help me out and show me all their lovely products. I am truly overwhelmed by the amount of people that took the time to enter my competition and it really was THE hardest decision picking out the winners of the feature. I had over two hundred entrys and really would have loved to write about every store.

I was initially going to be featuring 5 baby boy gifts and five baby girl gifts but I started driving myself mad and couldn’t choose so I am now doing 7 of each.


Frankie is OBSESSED with Toy story at the moment so I’ve  got him all set up  the sofa, obviously with woody in hand, Toy story on and now I’m  able to start going through all the amazing shops that entered!
I hope you all enjoy looking through all these gorgeous newborn gifts!



1) Frankie&Co – Superhero Friend
This little guy would make the perfect little buddy for a newborn little superhero.


2)MINIMIGB – Baby Moccasins
Just too gorgeous not have!

One of my favourite stores on Instagram, Such a talented Mummy, this vest is just too cute!

4) OLY AND FOX – Hat and leggings combo.
Perfect little outfit for baba to come home in.


5)KIPPINS- River kippin

My heart did a little jump when I  saw this gorgeous little guy! Love love love!!


6) LITTLE MISS ELISA- Bird Muslin wrap

This beautiful wrap is made of high quality bamboo cotton. They have a collection of gorgeous prints, the cloud is another fave of mine. A must for any baba!


7) LILHIPSTAR- Swaddle Blanket

Such a stylish swaddle for any little guy, perfect to wrap your little one up in it’s soft fabric.




1) LADDIE AND LASSIE –  Satin Bloomers

How any little princess could go without these? So beautiful!!



The perfect little personalised gift for any little girls nursery!


3) EVER SEW BEAUTIFUL – Unicorn Leggings

How can any little girl not own something with Unicorns on? The perfect stylish little gift to wrap those new little legs in.


4) FRECKLED FROG – Bunny Softie

This little bunny would make the perfect little friend for any newborn little girly.


5) HARRY HIGH PANTS – Baby Moccasins

These beautiful vibrant pink little Mochs would make any little girl look the cutest stylish babe around!


6) MITAHLID DESIGNS – Ice Cream Shelf

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the beautiful shelves that this company make. They truly are the most beautiful gift for any little newborn!! Love love LOVE!!



How cute is this little Bow and the beautiful little babe modelling it! a truly gorgeous stylish little gift.


*** all stores on Instagram ***

One last little feature I wanted to show you was this beautiful little ‘Welcome to the world box’ perfect for a little boy or girl! They are created by a great company called ‘The Bump Box’ and would truly make such a  lovely gift.


And that’s my little Newborn Baby Gift guide!

So if you are buying a gift for a special little person that’s coming into the world soon I think you have plenty of choice too choose from all these AMAZING talented stores!! I truly believe that shopping with independant stores means you get that extra little love. Even the packaging always comes with such great care!
Go check out all these wonderful stores guys you will not be short for choice!!

I have a little extra feature I’m going to put up tomorrow too….. I had such amazing stores enter my competition so I have decided to do a MONOCHROME Newborn baby Guift guide and be featuring 10 stores tomorrow morning!! It’s such a lovely thing being able to write about and show others what beautiful things are out there..
Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s goodies, they really are all soooooo FAB!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my little Newborn Gift guide today and I have given you some inspiration on what gifts you can buy.

Any questions or comments about anything please feel free to comment!

Hole you all have a lovely day!

Love Grace x

Being Mummy XO

Charlie’s Corner


Hello lovelies,

This week seems to be flying by far too quick for my liking. Nesting is in full swing in our household and I have turned into a crazy clean freak! It’s so weird what happens to your mental state just before having a baby, everything has to be perfect. You find yourself cleaning out a cupboard that you don’t really need to sort out but it’s just bugging you. The whole bathroom is being bleached everyday and if anyone makes a cup of tea and doesn’t put the tea bag in the bin or wipe any mess up I turn into the HULK! Today I thought I would write about the little corner I have created in our room. Unfortunately we only have a two bedroom house so I haven’t been able to get a little nursery all decorated ready for his arrival. So I’ve had to work with what I’ve got. It really is the most amazing feeling setting everything up for your little baby and getting all the little details perfect and having such beautiful shops to buy all you need from. I wanted to go for a neutral simple theme that would corporate into our room seamlessly. I really was so pleased with the outcome, Even my partner Tom loves it and he normally looks at me like I’m mental when I get excited about decorating the house.

Today I wanted to feature all the wonderful shops that without, Charlie’s corner just wouldn’t look the same!

My First Feature is a beautiful little store called ‘MooblesandToobles’ created by a truly talented lady called Nadia.


She has a background in visual merchandising & styling for high end brands and also a degree in printed textiles. Sounds like a pretty amazing platform to start up a wonderful shop to me. So that’s what Nadia did, she saw a gap in the market for Irish designed baby clothes and when on Maternity leave in 2012 decided to start a collection of illustrations. In 2013 ‘Mooblesandtoobles’ was born. Nadias vision was to create a neutral fresh design using the art of screen printing. image

In 2014 ‘MooblesandToobles’ launched an organic range using 100% organic cotton that is completely safe for babies with the use of fully Eco friendly inks. This store has grown and grown and now has such a beautiful range of products that are all too die for.


In Charlie’s corner I have their Fantastic wall prints and one of the organic cotton printed baby blankets. This shop really is wonderful and is a must to go and visit. My second shop feature is about the very modern, handmade shop ‘Woodyandflorence’. image

The shop is owned buy a lovely lady called Chloe who is expecting her first bundle of joy at the end of Feb. This gorgeous quote from her blog sums up her vision in one sentence, ‘ A modern take on life with a beautiful vintage twist’ ‘Woodyandflorence’ was created just for the simple reason that Chloe wanted to make stuff….. She loves DIY and drives her other half insane getting him to make random things. She wanted to create things that we’re fashionable but affordable, so when she inherited her lovely Nans sewing machine she got to work. Chloe loves designing new contemporary items and loves hearing positive feedback and understanding what makes people tick! Featured in Charlie’s corner are her beautiful Moses basket sheets! I literally looked every were for modern sheets but could only find the classic baby boy patterns or just plain white.


So when I saw these on a post on instagram I was stupidly excited.They are hand painted and are beautiful quality! I can’t wait for Charlie to sleep on them! Florence also sent me a few great little postcards that are items on her shop too. The LETS DO THIS one is going to be coming with me when I go into hospital I think!!


So head over to this gorgeous little shop of monochrome goodies.


The third and last shop I’m going to Feature is the truly gorgeous ‘flamingobabyorganics’

It is owned by Megan, a lovely mummy of 1, Avery 10 months old. ( how beautiful is the name Avery!! ) Her shop was inspired and created when little Avery was 4 months old and she wanted fun goodies for her, and thought instead of buying them why not make them as she had the skills to do so! Megan started off with sewing a few blankets which then grew into a lovely variety of gorgeous baby goodies ranging from cushions to hand stamped cotton muslins, which are now a top seller. I’ve got to say the muslin blankets are too die for!! I haven’t purchased one yet but I will definitely be getting one when Charlie arrives! These too have too be my personal favourites but Megan has a full variety of patterns and even makes custom made orders.

image image

The beauty of Her shop is that Megan makes everything herself from the stitching, stamping and all the new creative ideas. Flamingobaby  has a lot of great new ideas in the pipe line, such as up cycled pants and mummy and me goodies! Featured in Charlie’s room is their fab cloud triangle stamped cushion! It really is one of my favourite pieces in his little corner as it just ties everything together. image

All you mummy’s have to check this lovely store out so go and have a look….


A few other items that are featured in Charlie’s corner are:

DIY BANNER – This Modern Life –

Elephant Muslin Blanket – Aden&anais

white bunny – Jellycat

Raindrop Blanket, Bear Print Blanket, Triangle Cushion Cover, – Frankbeardesigns, this is my little online store and I am currently closed but am taking pre orders for any of my products. Please email if you are interested in pre ordering any items.

So mummy’s and daddy’s if you haven’t started creating your little ones space yet, you have no excuse as all these beautiful stores are just one click away. I hope this feature has inspired you, and helped you know that you don’t have to have a big empty room to make you feel ready for your little ones arrival.   Thank you for reading. Please comment if you want to know any more information or have any questions.

Have a lovely day.

Love Grace x

Being Mummy xo

‘ I managed to get washing detergent in my eye’

Walking into a quiet waiting room and saying out loud ‘ I got washing detergent in my eye ‘ was possibly the most embarrassing thing I’ve had to do in a while.

After finishing writing my blog yesterday having a trip to the eye A&E department was NOT on my list to do! I was having such a productive day and finally getting on top of all my washing. I went to put my second wash in and had to open a new bottle of washing luquid, there was a little plastic pull back bit to open the little hole and when I pulled it back a massive blob of it flew and landed straight in the corner of my eye!!! REALLY, SERIOUSLY why did that have to happen. Continue reading

Count Down!

So we finally have a date!

3rd of February 3pm I will be walking into the hospital to have my little man.

We went in yesterday morning and it all went surprisingly smoothly… We had the scan and saw our little guys face for the first time as all the other times he’s been naughty and hidden it! I was hoping he would look more like me this time around but that has been confirmed already that it won’t be happening…. He has Toms nose and a bum chin.. definitely his daddy’s boy!
My doctor wanted him to be healthy enough to come out so when he measured him and found out he was nearly 7 pounds already he said yep lets get this day booked in! If I went to full term he would be 9 pound + , how have I made such a massive baby???
So the inducing is decided on… Continue reading