My TOP 5 favourite blogs !

Blogs are such a great way of social networking and finding out loads of great information and advice. They are especially fab for mums that may not have a chance to get out as much as they would like. You can find out the latest fashion trends, baby tips, home decor ideas and so much more.

I have listed my top 5 GO TO blogs, you really must check them all out!







Love Gracie xo 

Jaxon James | New online store Feature ☆

A parents monochrome shop perfection! This fab new store that has only just opened its virtual doors is already becoming a very popular online store. Filled with beautiful monochrome inspired clothes, toys and soft furnishings what more could you want.

I am THE biggest monochrome lover and could buy everything.!!

Jaxon James is run by a passionate mum ‘Camilynn Baker’. She has 3 beautiful boys, Jack-5 , Leo – 2 , and Tom – 8 months. Being a mum of two little boys and running a business I have absolutely no idea how she does it with an extra little person thrown in the mix!

Here’s a little something ‘Cam’ ( as she likes to be called) wrote for you all to read :

‘I have always loved fashion and quickly got fed up with the same old stuff on the high street. I always get my mum to send me clothes for my boys from America or South Africa (where I was born). I researched for about 8 months and slowly JaxonJames was Born!Everything is done by myself, with some assistance from the management team (my boys lol). Before I had children I worked in project management & business development but now I’m a full time mum and couldn’t face an ‘office’ job! Running Jaxon James from home with my boys is my dream job and I love it. Every single part of it! ‘


A few of my favourite pieces from Jaxon James are these monochrome goodies listed below and I’m pretty sure they will be all working there way into our home very soon!

Milk print long sleeve tshirt
XO print knit blanket  
Knot cushion

Gone Batty leggings

Panda Cushion
Mini Wooden Wardrobe

One of my favourite things about this store is that they have so many brands from over seas that would normally take and cost ages to arrive but these guys are based in the UK !!

****Exclusive Discount code for BeingMummy followers, just enter  ‘ MSS44BX ‘ at the checkout to receive 10% off your order! ***

You all really must head over to Jaxon James now and have a look at all their beautiful stuff. I have also listed all the Brands they stock at the bottom of this post ♡

Love Gracie XO


Believe ModeBlu Sky Baby

Dill Clothing
Freddy Alphabet
Huusje Design
Juniper Wilde
Liten Landa
Little pop studios
Lucky No7
My little echo
Rice baby
The milk collective
To the moon and back kids
Studio Inktvis
Code 37

MONOCHROME Newborn Baby Gift Guide

Hey guys!

I know I said that I was going to feature this post tomorrow morning but I’ve been having some very strong pains today, and may be completely wrong but think Charlie could come later on tonight!! I’ve been getting pains only once a day for the past couple of weeks but today I’ve had quite a few so I’m just preparing myself for it to happen!!! Which I think I would be very happy about so I won’t have to be induced and nature can take it’s corse!! Wish me luck if it does happen tonight….I’m going need it!

So…… I am a huge lover of all things Monochrome!
Instagram has such an amazing showcase of beautiful monochrome nurseries and children’s rooms decor!

After receiving so many entry’s to my newborn baby gift guide competition on IG, I decided to do an extra feature of 10 stores that have THE best monochrome goodies for all little newborn babies….
So if you love monochrome and are looking for a gift or just want to buy your little bub something, There will definitely be an item if not everything on this list that you will have to buy!



1) BOWSANDCANDY – Gift Bundle

This lovely little set of clothes would make the perfect little gift! I Love the clean fresh lines of this pattern and they would work well on a little girly or boy.


2) THE LITTLE ARK – Milestone Cards

These fab Milestone cards are such a great gift! Every milestone your baby gets to you can have a little card to take a picture with to record all those special moments. A must website to Check out. Nisha the lovely owner has selected such beautiful products and created a fab modern little website.



I just love this beautiful wrap. Such a lovely feeling keeping your baby all snugly and close and what better way to do it than with this stylish wrap! Love love LOVE!


4) NOGARAVIN – Bunny Rattle

The perfect little friend for any little baby, such a simple concept but so cute and lovely.


5) CHAPTER ONE – Teether’s

I have these little Teether’s ready for my little guy and the quality is so great! They are the cutest little gifts you could give someone. A must buy.


6) HALOANDDREAMER – Dream Catcher

Why wouldn’t anyone not want Such a beautiful unique gift than this. A stylish modern dream catcher to catch any bad dreams. Just beautiful!

Email –


7) HELLO LITTLE BIRDIE – wall decor

This is one of my favourite stores on IG, their wall decors are just the most sweetest things! Perfect gift for any little baby’s nursery. Check out their fab Instagram for some great inspo pictures on decor. This store is a must to go and see.


8) LITTLE ESKIMO – Cross Blanket

Such a simple but gorgeous pattern. Any little baby would love snuggling up all cosy in one of these blankets. Love!



9) MODERN BURLAP – Cross Muslin Blanket

Muslin Blankets are personally my favourite gift that anyone could give. They are so handy and useful. You can use them for swaddling your baby, lying your baby on and so much more. This company have the most gorgeous monochrome Muslins, so go check them out guys.


10) MERC AND JONES – personalised Frame

This is such a great present to gift any new little baby. It’s something they can keep forever and cherish. Definitely recommend taking a look at all there lovely things.


So there are all my MONOCHROME inspired Newborn baby gifts. I’m pretty sure if your looking for a gift you will 100% find something perfect from this list and my previous feature. Enjoy looking through all these wonderful shops, its amazing the talented community that I have come across all through Instagram.
Thank you everyone for entering and letting me feature your fab gifts!

Hope you all have a fun filled shopping weekend!

Love Grace x

Being Mummy xo

Frankies Room


I was trying to think of my next Blog post and I thought it just had to be about Frankies Room.
If it wasn’t for his room I wouldn’t have been introduced to the amazing world of Instagram and all the lovely ladies behind the beautiful handmade shops.

Gone are the days of borders and the classic pink or blue room! FINALLY! Just because it’s a child’s room why does it have to be messy, unloved, multicoloured and just not thought out!
When Frankie was born I never had a proper nursery for him as we rented and the spare room had a huge ugly double bed in it and just not a lot of room, and frankly I didn’t really know how to decorate and work with what I had! So he just had a cot in the room and that was it really, but every time I walked in it made me miserable, I hated it! So I would just walk in get Frankie and get out, shut the door and pretend it wasn’t his room.
We finally moved into a two bed house in June this year and the spare room was empty so I had my blank canvas finally!!

My main inspiration for Frankies room I’ve got to say is from a beautiful unique website called ‘This Modern Life’ it is owned by a lovely lady called Suzanne who has the most amazing taste in home decor. She has carefully selected all these different little shops to create one of, if not the best online store for your home. Everything on the website, from the cushions to the smallest things like the wall hangers you will want to buy. It’s really is a must to go and visit!


The centre of his room is really all about his reading corner, I wanted to create a cosy quiet little place that after his bath we could go and read. Pillows pilled high a soft rug and a shelf with all his books, and it was as simple as that, Frankie’s reading corner was created. Continue reading