My TOP 5 favourite blogs !

Blogs are such a great way of social networking and finding out loads of great information and advice. They are especially fab for mums that may not have a chance to get out as much as they would like. You can find out the latest fashion trends, baby tips, home decor ideas and so much more.

I have listed my top 5 GO TO blogs, you really must check them all out!







Love Gracie xo 

Jaxon James | New online store Feature ☆

A parents monochrome shop perfection! This fab new store that has only just opened its virtual doors is already becoming a very popular online store. Filled with beautiful monochrome inspired clothes, toys and soft furnishings what more could you want.

I am THE biggest monochrome lover and could buy everything.!!

Jaxon James is run by a passionate mum ‘Camilynn Baker’. She has 3 beautiful boys, Jack-5 , Leo – 2 , and Tom – 8 months. Being a mum of two little boys and running a business I have absolutely no idea how she does it with an extra little person thrown in the mix!

Here’s a little something ‘Cam’ ( as she likes to be called) wrote for you all to read :

‘I have always loved fashion and quickly got fed up with the same old stuff on the high street. I always get my mum to send me clothes for my boys from America or South Africa (where I was born). I researched for about 8 months and slowly JaxonJames was Born!Everything is done by myself, with some assistance from the management team (my boys lol). Before I had children I worked in project management & business development but now I’m a full time mum and couldn’t face an ‘office’ job! Running Jaxon James from home with my boys is my dream job and I love it. Every single part of it! ‘


A few of my favourite pieces from Jaxon James are these monochrome goodies listed below and I’m pretty sure they will be all working there way into our home very soon!

Milk print long sleeve tshirt
XO print knit blanket  
Knot cushion

Gone Batty leggings

Panda Cushion
Mini Wooden Wardrobe

One of my favourite things about this store is that they have so many brands from over seas that would normally take and cost ages to arrive but these guys are based in the UK !!

****Exclusive Discount code for BeingMummy followers, just enter  ‘ MSS44BX ‘ at the checkout to receive 10% off your order! ***

You all really must head over to Jaxon James now and have a look at all their beautiful stuff. I have also listed all the Brands they stock at the bottom of this post ♡

Love Gracie XO


Believe ModeBlu Sky Baby

Dill Clothing
Freddy Alphabet
Huusje Design
Juniper Wilde
Liten Landa
Little pop studios
Lucky No7
My little echo
Rice baby
The milk collective
To the moon and back kids
Studio Inktvis
Code 37

Bath & Bed Time 

Hey Guys,

Following on from my previous post about Frankie & Charlie’s Routine, I thought I would write about my bath and bedtime part.

Bathing two babies to get them into bed for 7.30 is like a military operation!! The first time I attempted it I think I was almost in tears. So the next day I planned in my head how I would do it without making it a nightmare. So here’s how it goes down…

I pre make Charlie and Frankie’s bottle so they are ready to go after the bath. Whilst the bath is running I take Charlie upstairs, I put him on a towel and undress him on the bed so he can have a kick around with no nappie on. I then go and get Frankie and get him undressed. I get a towel for both of them into the bathroom and put their nappies and pyjamas laid out on the bed ready.

By this time the bath should be run. I have a great towel covered baby ‘thing’ ( I have no idea what to call it) from Mothercare to put Charlie on. It’s great because if Frankie moves the water doesn’t splash over Charlie’s  face because he is elevated out of the water a bit.

So Charlie goes on his ‘thing’ and Frankie’s goes the other end of  the bath with all his toys. I make it fun by getting Frankie to help me out with washing Charlie.

He gets his little boat, fills it with water and poures it over Charlie’s belly. This actually melts my heart. We have had a few occasions were he got a bit too excited and it’s gone over Charlie’s head but we’re learning!

I lay the two towels out on the floor and get Charlie out first wrapping him up in his towel, then I get Frank out and I encourage him to dry himself whilst I  take Charlie into the bedroom and put him on the bed. Frankie usually follows me in. While I’m getting Charlie creamed and changed Frank makes a complete mess of my bedroom but it keeps him entertained for a few minutes. Then I get Frankie dressed.

By this time my partner Tom is home so I take Frankie downstairs and give him his bottle on the sofa with his Daddy.

I take Charlie’s  bottle up and feed him half in a dim lit room. He usually is falling asleep by this point so I wind him, get him all swaddled and then finish the rest of his bottle. A second wind on my shoulder while he gets more sleepy and then down in his bed. I do always let him be slightly awake as I think it’s important for babies to learn how to fall asleep by themselves.

Charlie’s cot is a co sleeper called a Snuzpod and it is attached to the bed. I can zip the side up if I want or have it down so I feel close to him in the night. My favourite things to swaddle him in our his MOOBLESANDTOOBLES  organic cotton blankets ( seen in the last picture of Charlie on this post) and his jungle jam ADENANDANAIS Muslin blankets.


Once Charlie is all snug I go downstairs and bring Frankie up to his room. We read a story in his reading corner ( normally the book ‘no-bot’ he is obsessed with this book at the moment) and then he always asks me to get into bed. He gives me a big cuddle and a kiss, and the minute his head hits the pillow falls asleep.

When I go to bed wether it be between 11 or 12 I give Charlie a dream feed bottle. I just lift him up and feed him about 3-4oz. I wind him on my shoulder still swaddled then put him back down and he hardly even wakes.

So that’s how my nights are filled at the moment and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

If anyone has any questions please comment or feel free to email me at

Love Gracie x


Routine for Toddler and Baby 


Hey Guys,

Stabilizing a routine with your new baby is a big enough challenge as it is let alone throwing a 23 month old into the mix too. Up until a couple of days ago I have been letting Charlie guide me with his feeds and sleeps and letting him do what he wants. He was two months old last week and I thought it was time I got a structure to my day. Remembering to do things is a lot harder when you have two, so having a routine makes your life A LOT easier. Frankie was around this age when I started his routine too. People say not to read books but I found it so helpful and read loads to get as many info as i could and then I felt like I had enough knowledge to create my own routines. Frankie thrived on his, and was sleeping from 7pm to 7am at 4 months old. I was like a crazy women with my routines, if anyone looked after him and didn’t follow it id get so upset… But it affected him so much and he would always not sleep on the nights he hadn’t followed it. A lot of mums have their on way of doing things and some may not agree with such a strict routine but I found personally that they thrive of it and it just helped me be organised and kept me sane because I was actually sleeping. I was only in boots the other week when a lovely lady that worked their stopped me to ask how old Charlie was and within twenty minutes of talking I’d written down my routine for Frankie. Her little boy wasn’t sleeping and she was finding it so hard working and not getting any sleep. I went in yesterday and her little boy has been sleeping so much better and she looked so much happier. So if this post helps one person it’s worth me writing.

Having two babies is a lot harder to juggle than one and it’s taken me two months to find my feet with it all. I am so lucky that Frankie is such a contented little guy, he makes my life a lot easier. But I also believe that the reason he is so chilled is because he had his routine from such an early age. I have had to change his routine slightly since Charlie was born because  Id probably be feeding Charlie at a time that Frankie was meant to be having lunch!! Also it’s taken me a while to make sure Frankie is ok before I start to feed Charlie or change him. At first I would always give Charlie a Bottle first which would then mean I’d have Frankie crying the whole way through asking me for his bottle. So that’s definitely one bit of advice I would give any mum with a toddler and a new born, make sure you settle your toddler first before starting to feed your baby. You will enjoy it a lot more this way. ( 2 moths later I have mastered this)

I have created this table so that I can have it in my kitchen and can go to it at any point of the day if I’ve forgotten what I’m doing.

I find that it works well with the two routines and is really easy to follow and isn’t unrealistic. We’re I write ‘put to sleep in cot’ through the day if you want to go out you can just use that sleep time to go out in the pram.

Obviously some days you aren’t going to stick to this routine perfectly because life with babies is very unpredictable but it’s a good guide line to follow, but what I would stick to is the same time for a bath and bedtime routine. Making sure they wind down and go to bed at the same time everyday really helps them getting a good sleeping pattern established  quicker.

My main rule that I have ALWAYS stuck to is NO SLEEP after 5… Up until bed time. I found that if Frankie ever slept over he would wake through the night or at 5 in the morning. Sometimes it’s hard when they’re fast asleep to wake them up and I know a lot of people would disagree with waking them up but they will be a lot happier baby when they’ve had a good night sleep!

when I am giving Charlie his 7.30 bedtime feed I always do it in my room with the lights on really low, I don’t make any eye contact with him at this time because it stimulates him and he finds it harder to go to sleep. His dream feed at 11 is also done like this so he doesn’t wake up to much.

So here is Frankie and Charlie’s Routine. Frankie is 23 months and Charlie is 2 months old. I will be updating with a ny changed to their routines as they grow,  Please feel free to comment with any questions or if you wish to email me at

I really hope some mums will find this routine helpful.




7am     BOTTLE 5oz                    
7.30 //  BOTTLE 8oz play matt
Watch cartoons / play with toys 9am // BOTTLE 5oz
9.15 // Swaddle and put to sleep in cot for 1 hour
10am // unswaddle and let him wake up naturally
11.45 // BOTTLE 5oz
12pm // swaddle and put sleep in cot
12pm // LUNCH
12.30  // SLEEP IN COT ( no more than 3 hours
2.30 // Wake up and have a BOTTLE 5oz
3pm // SNACK -fruit,,yogur,t juice, Play matt or county chair
4pm // SLEEP till 5
5pm // Bottle 5oz
6pm //  DINNER
7pm // BATH 7pm  // BATH
7.20 // BOTTLE 8oz 7.20 // BOTTLE 5oz
7.30 // BED 7.30 // SWADDLE and put to sleep in cot
11-12pm // Dream Feed 5oz


Love Gracie xo



Being Mummy and you! 


It is true that when you have children you give yourself completely over to them. But why do you have to let yourself completely go…… The answer is you don’t!! Obviously you don’t have the time you had to go shopping and take hours on your makeup but you can be a mum and still look great. This should be for yourself and no one else! It’s hard work being a mum and you should make sure you make time for you and making yourself feel good.

I was so uninterested in clothes when I was pregnant with Charlie. That’s all I wanted to wear was big jumpers and leggings and hardly ever put makeup on my face! So when I had Charlie I think I was craving to feel good about myself again.

So this post is about me sharing with you all my favourite buys recently that have made me feel great when I wear them. Simple, easy to wear clothes that look great.

Something I missed so much when I was pregnant was wearing jeans!! I’m such a jean person. I found these great jeans in Topshop and I’ve been living in them. They are high wasted and really stretchy  material,  great for making your belly look a bit flatter and so comfy to wear.


Light weight baggy tshirts are my new love. They look great but you don’t feel self-conscious in them at all because they hide everything.


I’ve never been a trainer lover but I bought these white Nikes recently and haven fallen in love. They are SOOO comfortable and a great thing for mums to throw on in the morning when you rushing out the door. I think the clean white colour makes them easy to match any outfit.


A key necklace  can instantly make you feel nice. Adding a bit of jewellery to an outfit just brightens it up an makes you feel like you’ve made a bit of an effort.


The perfect Cardigan! have worn this River Island Cardigan most days since I bought it. It’s light weight fabric makes it not too hot but still keeps you warm in the mornings. There’s nothing worse than getting hot and flustered when your trying to sort the kids out!! It works with so many outfits an makes me feel great when I wear it.


Having another Jean in a different colour and a few different tops you can mix and match and always look great.


Us mums know that finding time for a full face of makeup is impossible with little ones around. I have 5 key items that I wear everyday for a really light easy look. It takes me no more that 5 minutes to do.

1||Foundation- I used to use DIOR but I’m now using LOREAL True Match, it’s a great light look that’s so easy to put on.

2|| Mascara- Rimmel, THE COLOASSAL. This is such a great Mascara. It has a curved edge on the brush that rally helps give more of a lift and curve to your eyelashes.


3||Bronzer- I use this Dior Bronzer. It gives a great natural glow and doesn’t make you look orange!!



4|| Eye liner – Maybelline eye liner pot lasting drama in brown. One quick line across the top of the lid can make your eyes stand out but it gives a really natural look.

5|| lipstick – Mac ‘myth’ . I love this lipstick. It’s such a great shade for the day. A really sift look.




I hope this post has given you some inspo and if you have any questions please comment.

Love Gracie xo

Charlies Wardrobe

Hey Guys,

I get a lot of questions on we’re I get Charlie’s clothes from so I thought I’d do a post on Charlie Boy’s wardrobe and where I go to shop. I have a few shops that I always shop in and they are such good value for money! I never see the point in spending hundreds of Pounds on baby outfits when they grow out of them so quick. I never really spend more than about £20.00 on an item.

My first favourite shop is ZARA, I literally could spend hours in this shop buying everything! They have the best range of clothes, there leggings are always around £10.00 or less and the cute little jumpers are from £10.00 too so you can go and spend a little and get some really cute outfits. The MINI range they have is unisex and the pieces are just divine. The quality is always fab, and after washing they always look and feel the same. Here is the link to their website and some pictures of Frankie in their outfits – everything in these pictures is from ZARA

My next go to shop is Baby GAP. The clothes are so cheap great quality and all just too gorgeous. No piece is more than around £25.00. Charlie looks so cute in all his gap clothes. They always have great discounts if you sign up to there mailing list, sometimes 40%!!



The leggings in the last two shots bring me onto my next favourite shop. DUDESNDOLLS offer the cutest range of baby and toddler clothes. The leggings are all such great designs. Charlie has the Fox and the triangle  patterns and I put them on him all the time. The quality is brilliant and they fit great. They also do cute slogan tops, this shop really is a must for anyone little ones wardrobe. Check out there INSAGRAM too they always post fab pics of little people in there clothes, and may give you some inspo on outfit ideas.


For baby grows and vests my favourite place to go is NEXT. They have a great selection of  clothes and you can’t not spend money when you go in there.  You can get a pack of three baby grows for £16.00 all different patterns and they always fit perfectly. Baby grows are used loads and quality needs to be high so they last and a NEXT baby grow never fails!


Last but definitely not least is the beautiful onlinestore MOOBLESANDTOOBLES. There unique fun Irish designs make the best baby wear. The quality is excellent and I love dressing Charlie in their clothes. All their Items are professionally screen printed. Charlie’s wardrobe would lack a lot of fun without this shop. Check out their lovely INSTAGRAM page for lots of inspo.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and if you have any questions please ask.

Love Gracie xo

‘A picture says a thousand words’

Charlie’s first 6 weeks ♡




Milestone Cards are such a great way to help you remember to take all those special pictures. I never did it with Frankie… Don’t get me wrong I took a million pictures but I think it’s so special knowing how old they were when you look back. I’ve found it so fun taking the pictures and making each one different. It’s also a great idea for when they turn one you can make a book on there first year with all the great pictures you’ve taken. All my pictures were taken on my iPhone, they take such great pics! Why not try it out and take some memorable pics of your little ones. I hope you liked looking at Charlie’s first 6 weeks ♡

Love Gracie 



Charles Birth Story


This post has been on my mind to write everyday since I had little Charlie but adjusting to life with an extra little person has been full on! Amazing though!

I still can’t believe its all over and he’s here… home….and normal life is back.It only feels like yesterday we were in the conservatory having cuddles with our little boy ready to go into hospital.


I was absolutely terrified I’m not going to lie….. I did some research on birth trauma and I definitely think I experienced it with Frankie. If anyone wants any information on birth trauma i found this website amazing:

So heres how it all went down!!

When my mum dropped us off at hospital waving goodbye to Frankie was so emotional, it was the weirdest feeling leaving my little baby to go and have another baby…… it didn’t help that he just waved out the window and said bye bye. Emotional wreck wasn’t even the word.

We walked through the doors and instantly my heart started to beat out of my chest and reality seriously set in…. soon i will be in A LOT of pain.

I have to say that Saint Marys hospital in Manchester is truly amazing. The care and warmth that all the staff give mums is second to none. Since having Frankie they have changed the rules and you have your own room when you are being induced, it had a telly and a really comfortable seat in for Tom AND he could stay with me. I was over the moon as last time he had to keep going home and understandably  I just wanted him there.

The nurse came in and put me on the heart beat monitor for twenty minutes to check Charlies heart beat was all good…… I was on it for 3 hours because he was having such a party in there he wouldn’t give a regular heart beat reading. You couldn’t blame the poor boy…my heart beat was probably going crazy!!

They finally gave me the first gel that you have to start helping the cervix dilate. The first one was fine and I did start having a few contractions about an hour later. I was trying to do everything possible to make everything move as quickly as possible, bouncing on the ball walking and drinking loads of water. After about twenty minutes on the ball I had to stop because it relieved all the pain from my back but made my legs feel like they were going to explode.

At about 11pm that  night they gave me the second gel, I hadn’t dilated but my cervix had moved down. yaaaaaayyy we were on the move. Tom and I were very relaxed and started watching a bit of telly ( i felt so posh having my own room with a telex and a bathroom!!) when a  nurse came in and told us that even when you get to 2 cm and your ready to have your waters broke the waiting list is up to 4 days!! I was nearly sick! how could they leave you there for 4 days having contractions when your ready. I really think telling people this is a bad idea because it stressed us out so much and we ended up going down within 24 hours so it was just all unnecessary.

Tom ended up going home to get a good night  sleep as I was feeling ok. The minute he left I started getting such bad contractions and ended up having a bath at 3am in the morning! First time for everything! The hot water did ease the pain but it made my contractions a lot more clearer. I was having them every 1 minute 40 and they were staying for 50 seconds each time. I got back into bed, the pain was so horrendous up until about 6am when I finally gave in and had the injection to take away the pain.  I was so annoyed, I really didn’t want it again……  with Frankie it made me feel so weird for ages after. That thought quickly disappeared as the pain almost instantly subsided and I managed to get some sleep till about 11am, no thanks to everyone coming in every two minutes asking me millions of questions.

I woke up to a lovely surprise, my little munchkin was standing at the bottom of my bed. He was in a crazy mood and nearly destroyed the whole room in 10 seconds flat so he didn’t stay long and was far too excited to give me any attention.

The nurse gave me a 3rd gel at 11 am on Wednesday morning and my god did it hurt, I had to have gas and air for that one! I am a woos at the best of times but the gels do make everything a lot more fragile. When she checked an hour later I was 2 cm dilated!! Woop Woop!!

So now they wait started,

It was such a beautiful day that day so we went walking loads, spend far too much money in the Marks and Spencer across the road, drank about two litters of water.

I hardly had that much pain all day. It was so frustrating that id given in and had the injection in the morning, I just felt id slowed everything down but apparently that isn’t true…….

At about 8 clock that night wed just put a film on the iPad ( Gone GIRL – don’t watch it, its terrible but the book is a must read) and the midwife came in and said I was next to go down! We were both so relived that we weren’t going to have to wait days! So I started to pack up my things and it started to dawn on me this is it, oh my god I’m about to go through the whole labour. I was terrified!

Early the next morning, 3.30am the midwife came in and said a bed was coming down for me now, we both sleepily got up and ready.

On the way to my room we went past the room that I’d had frank in and I started to feel a wave of emotions that I was actually about to meet Charlie…. I just had to get him out first! Hearing a women scream going into my room was no the best thing for my nerves.

So the bit I’d been dreading most of all was here……having my waters broke. The midwife we had was so lovely and had been working on the labour wards for over 20 years so I knew I was in good hands. Surprisingly my water broke within about a minute and it hardly hurt at all! This instantly relaxed me and put me in the calmest of moods. The drip went in my hand,  it was so painful so the midwife had to take it out and put it in the other arm. I am not the best with needles at all, I was so upset that the first one hadn’t worked I had a mini melt down and got a bit overwhelmed. Tom was amazing he just kept joking with the midwife and making me laugh.

At about 11am I was put on the drip and after about 2 hours of regular contractions I had an epidural. I wasn’t hopeful at all about it working, my experience with Frankies was horrendous and just didn’t work no matter how much they’d give me. But this time it started to work straight away and I could hardly feel any pain. Tom was starving so I sent him for food, to my horror he walked in eating a subway! If I could’ve actually felt my legs I think I would’ve got out the bed and punched him!! We all need up in fits of laughter…. when I look back on the time we spent in the labour room it really was so relaxed and filled with laughter. the epidural working meant that we all just chatted about nonsense, I know every detail about my midwives sandwich shop she runs with her family!

By 5pm I’d dilated to 8cm and the pain was coming back quite strongly. I was given more of the epidural drug but it didn’t work at all! I was having gas an air but nothing was working. for about 2 hours I was in agony! I think I nearly broke Toms hand in the process. There must be a niche in the market for a glove a partner can wear whilst your in labour, every guys hand after having a baby must be broke.

I was pretty out of it when the anaesthetist came in, I opened my eyes and shouted its you! So embarrassing I though it was the anaesthetist that I’d had with Frankie but it wasn’t…. he said it was the nicest greeting he’d had walking into a room. I begged him to give me more and said what they had been giving me was not working at all. He said don’t worry Grace were going to get you comfortable…… and he definitely did. He gave me a much bigger dose and within half an hour my pain was almost completely gone!

At about 8 o clock I was fully dilated and had the earge to push…. It was so Wierd not having much pain! I was one of those women I scream at on ‘One Born every Minute’ that just sit there not making a noise!

So I stared pushing. Because i couldn’t feel any pain I was a lot more with it and it was so frustrating! I felt like we weren’t getting anywhere and that he was never going to come out! But after twenty minutes Charlie  Joseph Mooney came into the world. I was so overcome with emotion when she handed him to me, I just couldn’t stop crying! the most amazing thing that we did was donate Charlie’s cord blood so that he could maybe save someone’s life with it one day. The only thing you have to do is have a blood test, fill in the form and instead of it being thrown away it goes to save someone’s life.

We had our tea and toast that you get after having a baby and it was THE most amazing tea and toast I have ever had. If id  eaten it on a normal day I probably would’ve thought it was horrible but after 18 hours of child birth it was like eating gold dust!

We went up to the ward and Tom went home to get some sleep. I just sat there for what felt like minutes staring at him and then realised it was 2 in the morning! So I went to sleep next to my beautiful little baby boy feeling the proudest person in the world.




Love Gracie x