Work with me – Being Mummy 

Hey guys,

I thought I’d write a little post today about the things I offer with my blog, just give me a shout if you fancy working with me!

I would love to here from any Businesses or other Bloggers and would love to work with you.
I offer these services:
Business feature | Full shop review with product links and Store bio.
Advertisement | This would be a static image on the side bar of my blog with a link to the business website.
Product Review | A business can send an item of their choice for me to review.
Competitions | Giveaways, a company could collaborate with my blog to give away a gift through a competition run on our social media. 
Guest Blogger Posts | If you are a blogger like myself and would like to write a guest post on my blog please feel free to email me.
Please feel free to contact me at for any queries or questions.
Love Gracie xo