Skincare for dry skin | Tips & my own routine


 Hey guys, 
Today’s post is going to be a little insight into what beauty products I have started using. I’ve recently started getting really bad dry skin…. It has been driving me insane! My makeup just falls off my face and my skin looks really dry and rubbish all the time. I was using the anti blemish Clinique range for a few months and I’m not sure whether it was those products that dried my skin up or wether it was just me going through a dry skin stage. So this week I decided to change my routine and get back into having healthy skin.  

A Massive part of having Healthy skin is having a healthy lifestyle which I must admit I am terrible at. I don’t really eat rubbish all day but I drink lots of tea and don’t eat anything really until Tom gets home. I then overfill myself and just feel bllaaaahh! I am also terrible one for drinking water , it’s not that I don’t want to drink it I just forget. I’ve recently also changed Frankie to drinking just water and it’s been great for him. He now only really asks for water. Anyway sorry side tracked a bit there, so my skin really has been feeling rubbish but at the beginning of the week I’ve started drinking at least three glasses of water a day and I can really tell the difference in my skin. It just feels more hydrated. 

I’m going to write a few points underneath of what I’ve been doing and what products I’ve used so you guys can see in the write order. 

Skin Care Routine

1) Drink loads of water!! I know it’s hard but maybe when you go to the kettle to make a cup of tea just have a glass of water instead. Aim to drink three glasses a day and you’ll be good to go! 

2) In the morning I wash my face with warm water, then apply my No7 everyday facial scrub, I lightly rub in a circular motion all over my face especially in those really dry areas. I find mine are on my forehead and lower cheek area. 

3) I then apply my No7 Calming balm all over my face, again rubbing in in a circular motion, you can wash this off with water but I tend to just wipe the excess off with a towel. Essentially this is like a cleanser but I find it easier to do whilst I’m at the sink. It really is beautiful. It dues by make your skin feel tingly. What I was getting with the lady products I was using was quite a stingy filling washing my face with the facial wash after the scrub. But this Beautifu Skin calming balm really is so lovely on the skin. 

4) I then dry my face and apply my No7 beautiful skin day cream for dry/ very dry skin. It has really made my face feel so soft and I’m really happy with the results. 

5) At night I do pretty much the sand without the scrub & day cream, but instead I apply E45 cream all over the face. I don’t plan on using this for longer than two weeks but it really works through the night and I’m the morning my sling is feeling a lot better. 
Obviously getting rid of dry skin is a work in progress and you can’t just expect it to go over night but slapping some cream on that you’ve had in your draw for five years, but sometimes we forget to give our skin a bit of tlc. After all we have to look at it for the rest of our lives! 
I really hope you enjoyed my blog post today guys and if you have any questions please feel free to comment. 
Love Gracie xo 

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