SUPPORTING the parenting community


Hey guys,

One thing I love about writing my blog is that I get to engage with other parents about the different ways they go through things on their parenting journey. Any good parent will always do what feels right for their child at that moment and yes at times things can be very challenging and you just want to put your head into a bucket of wine sometimes ….but we get on with it and the parenting community should stick together to support each other not judge others on what they feel is wrong.

This morning I stumbled upon a blog ( which I will not name ) and I am deeply saddened by its content. Blog post about ten facts that they hate about other mums….. It’s safe to say I was in a state of shock whilst reading … And in shock that a lot of people actually support what they were saying.

It basically slammed mothers that did not breast feed using the words ‘ bored of hearing that your milk hasn’t come through….crap that it affects your mental state… And even called all mums that don’t breastfeed a stupid cow’

As a mum that breastfed Frankie till he was 4 months and only breast fed Charlie for one week I really found it a very upsetting time going through the motions of what was write for me and my babies. I decided to stop with Frankie as I wasn’t producing enough milk for him and he would cry all day, I could only feed him from one breast as the other he wouldn’t latch on…..this was from no lack of trying! With Charlie I fed him for a week and again I wasn’t producing enough and I decided as he wasn’t putting on weight and loosing it… I wanted him to be full and healthy….. Please may I ask how when I decide to do the write thing for my baby I am a stupid cow?

It also made remarks about stay at home mums and that it annoys them that we moan about our house being a tip and that if we are a stay at home mum our houses should be spotless at all times and that if we didn’t fund all local coffee shops to stay open our houses may be tidy?? As a stay at home mum I go through alot of anxiety and loneliness through the days as sometimes I don’t  talk to an adult for 12 hours a day, constantly clean, get baby food and sick in my hair, get punched and shouted at by my toddler….. So I’m sorry if it annoys people that having a coffee and getting out of the house helps me be a better mum. I’m not saying I don’t like being a home mum, I absolutely live and breath it and my life is dedicated to my boys but god if I said I didn’t like me time I would be lying!

I feel so strongly about parents sticking together and supporting one another and I’m lucky to have friends that I have met in life and through social media that I could not be a mum without. So when I find a mother slamming and getting ‘annoyed ‘ with what other mums do I’m sorry but it just p*sses me off!

So I thought I would write 10 supportive things for parents to encourage everyone that no matter how or what you are doing being a parent you are doing it write because you love your children and even the fact that your thinking about what your doing as a parent makes you a good one!

  1. If you want to feed your baby by breast or bottle… what is write for YOU!
  2. if you want to have your baby in bed with you, if you want to rock him/her to sleep … It’s up to you!
  3. if you want to use pampers or Aldi nappies on you baby….use the nappies you want to put on them.
  4. If you want to get a part time job so you feel a bit better in yourself ….. Go and do it…. It’s not a terrible thing if you want to do something for yourself.
  5. if you want to give your baby a dummie to soothe them…give them one!
  6. if you don’t want to clean your house all day because you haven’t slept all night…forget the housework and have a cup of tea.., your not a bad parent because you haven’t hoovered the bloody floor!
  7. if you want to sleep train your baby or you want to cuddle him all night it’s up to you!!
  8. If your toddler won’t eat anything but chocolate and pizza you are not a failure you are just joining into the club of most parents that have a toddler.
  9. If you want to put on your iPad and put a game or film on for your child whilst you actually have time to eat your meal do it….. You are not a neglecting parent for doing this.
  10. Do whatever you want with your children because whatever you choose for them will be from Love.

I’d love to here from you, what are your thoughts on this…..

Have a great day!

Love Gracie xo

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