The best Mummy tan!


Hey ladies,

Are you sick and tired of being pale, not having enough time to tan? Well look no further than Cocoabrown tan!

I can honestly say it was the easiest and best tan I have ever used. I’d heard a lot of good reviews  so thought I’m going to try it out. It took me quite a while to find actually as it is so high in demand it sells out from shops quite quickly, and after using it I can see why!

I bought the cocoa brown new dark tan shade, the chocolate whip moisturiser and also the tough stuff exfoliater. It sounds a lot of work but really wasn’t.

So I waited to put Frankie and Charlie to bed and then started.

What to do:

1) Have a shower and use the tough stuff exfoliater, especially on elbows, knees, feet and hands.

It makes your skin so soft, smells great and is pink….. What more does a girl want.

2) Dry skin, and apply the chocolate whip moisturiser. I used my mitt for this as it does have a slight brown colour to it. It smells A mazing!

3) Apply cocoa brown tan evenly with mitt.

It is a mousse tan so is so easy to apply.

4) I waited three hours, then washe’d it off in shower.


The whole process took me about twenty minutes to apply. After I had applied I did put a towel on the sofa just incase but apart from that I didn’t feel sticky or anything. That’s the reason why I never put fake tan on because you have to sit like a star fish for about an hour, but with this its just simple.

This was 1 hour after tanning:

This is the day after:


This is 5 days after after showering once everyday:



If you are a mummy you will know that having time to do things like this is rare so us mums need something quick and natural, and I promise this is the stuff!

So ladies if you want to have a lovely natural tan for the summer then go and grab yourself this product, it’s FAB!

Love  Gracie XO

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