Routine for Toddler and Baby 


Hey Guys,

Stabilizing a routine with your new baby is a big enough challenge as it is let alone throwing a 23 month old into the mix too. Up until a couple of days ago I have been letting Charlie guide me with his feeds and sleeps and letting him do what he wants. He was two months old last week and I thought it was time I got a structure to my day. Remembering to do things is a lot harder when you have two, so having a routine makes your life A LOT easier. Frankie was around this age when I started his routine too. People say not to read books but I found it so helpful and read loads to get as many info as i could and then I felt like I had enough knowledge to create my own routines. Frankie thrived on his, and was sleeping from 7pm to 7am at 4 months old. I was like a crazy women with my routines, if anyone looked after him and didn’t follow it id get so upset… But it affected him so much and he would always not sleep on the nights he hadn’t followed it. A lot of mums have their on way of doing things and some may not agree with such a strict routine but I found personally that they thrive of it and it just helped me be organised and kept me sane because I was actually sleeping. I was only in boots the other week when a lovely lady that worked their stopped me to ask how old Charlie was and within twenty minutes of talking I’d written down my routine for Frankie. Her little boy wasn’t sleeping and she was finding it so hard working and not getting any sleep. I went in yesterday and her little boy has been sleeping so much better and she looked so much happier. So if this post helps one person it’s worth me writing.

Having two babies is a lot harder to juggle than one and it’s taken me two months to find my feet with it all. I am so lucky that Frankie is such a contented little guy, he makes my life a lot easier. But I also believe that the reason he is so chilled is because he had his routine from such an early age. I have had to change his routine slightly since Charlie was born because  Id probably be feeding Charlie at a time that Frankie was meant to be having lunch!! Also it’s taken me a while to make sure Frankie is ok before I start to feed Charlie or change him. At first I would always give Charlie a Bottle first which would then mean I’d have Frankie crying the whole way through asking me for his bottle. So that’s definitely one bit of advice I would give any mum with a toddler and a new born, make sure you settle your toddler first before starting to feed your baby. You will enjoy it a lot more this way. ( 2 moths later I have mastered this)

I have created this table so that I can have it in my kitchen and can go to it at any point of the day if I’ve forgotten what I’m doing.

I find that it works well with the two routines and is really easy to follow and isn’t unrealistic. We’re I write ‘put to sleep in cot’ through the day if you want to go out you can just use that sleep time to go out in the pram.

Obviously some days you aren’t going to stick to this routine perfectly because life with babies is very unpredictable but it’s a good guide line to follow, but what I would stick to is the same time for a bath and bedtime routine. Making sure they wind down and go to bed at the same time everyday really helps them getting a good sleeping pattern established  quicker.

My main rule that I have ALWAYS stuck to is NO SLEEP after 5… Up until bed time. I found that if Frankie ever slept over he would wake through the night or at 5 in the morning. Sometimes it’s hard when they’re fast asleep to wake them up and I know a lot of people would disagree with waking them up but they will be a lot happier baby when they’ve had a good night sleep!

when I am giving Charlie his 7.30 bedtime feed I always do it in my room with the lights on really low, I don’t make any eye contact with him at this time because it stimulates him and he finds it harder to go to sleep. His dream feed at 11 is also done like this so he doesn’t wake up to much.

So here is Frankie and Charlie’s Routine. Frankie is 23 months and Charlie is 2 months old. I will be updating with a ny changed to their routines as they grow,  Please feel free to comment with any questions or if you wish to email me at

I really hope some mums will find this routine helpful.




7am     BOTTLE 5oz                    
7.30 //  BOTTLE 8oz play matt
Watch cartoons / play with toys 9am // BOTTLE 5oz
9.15 // Swaddle and put to sleep in cot for 1 hour
10am // unswaddle and let him wake up naturally
11.45 // BOTTLE 5oz
12pm // swaddle and put sleep in cot
12pm // LUNCH
12.30  // SLEEP IN COT ( no more than 3 hours
2.30 // Wake up and have a BOTTLE 5oz
3pm // SNACK -fruit,,yogur,t juice, Play matt or county chair
4pm // SLEEP till 5
5pm // Bottle 5oz
6pm //  DINNER
7pm // BATH 7pm  // BATH
7.20 // BOTTLE 8oz 7.20 // BOTTLE 5oz
7.30 // BED 7.30 // SWADDLE and put to sleep in cot
11-12pm // Dream Feed 5oz


Love Gracie xo



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