Bath & Bed Time 

Hey Guys,

Following on from my previous post about Frankie & Charlie’s Routine, I thought I would write about my bath and bedtime part.

Bathing two babies to get them into bed for 7.30 is like a military operation!! The first time I attempted it I think I was almost in tears. So the next day I planned in my head how I would do it without making it a nightmare. So here’s how it goes down…

I pre make Charlie and Frankie’s bottle so they are ready to go after the bath. Whilst the bath is running I take Charlie upstairs, I put him on a towel and undress him on the bed so he can have a kick around with no nappie on. I then go and get Frankie and get him undressed. I get a towel for both of them into the bathroom and put their nappies and pyjamas laid out on the bed ready.

By this time the bath should be run. I have a great towel covered baby ‘thing’ ( I have no idea what to call it) from Mothercare to put Charlie on. It’s great because if Frankie moves the water doesn’t splash over Charlie’s  face because he is elevated out of the water a bit.

So Charlie goes on his ‘thing’ and Frankie’s goes the other end of  the bath with all his toys. I make it fun by getting Frankie to help me out with washing Charlie.

He gets his little boat, fills it with water and poures it over Charlie’s belly. This actually melts my heart. We have had a few occasions were he got a bit too excited and it’s gone over Charlie’s head but we’re learning!

I lay the two towels out on the floor and get Charlie out first wrapping him up in his towel, then I get Frank out and I encourage him to dry himself whilst I  take Charlie into the bedroom and put him on the bed. Frankie usually follows me in. While I’m getting Charlie creamed and changed Frank makes a complete mess of my bedroom but it keeps him entertained for a few minutes. Then I get Frankie dressed.

By this time my partner Tom is home so I take Frankie downstairs and give him his bottle on the sofa with his Daddy.

I take Charlie’s  bottle up and feed him half in a dim lit room. He usually is falling asleep by this point so I wind him, get him all swaddled and then finish the rest of his bottle. A second wind on my shoulder while he gets more sleepy and then down in his bed. I do always let him be slightly awake as I think it’s important for babies to learn how to fall asleep by themselves.

Charlie’s cot is a co sleeper called a Snuzpod and it is attached to the bed. I can zip the side up if I want or have it down so I feel close to him in the night. My favourite things to swaddle him in our his MOOBLESANDTOOBLES  organic cotton blankets ( seen in the last picture of Charlie on this post) and his jungle jam ADENANDANAIS Muslin blankets.


Once Charlie is all snug I go downstairs and bring Frankie up to his room. We read a story in his reading corner ( normally the book ‘no-bot’ he is obsessed with this book at the moment) and then he always asks me to get into bed. He gives me a big cuddle and a kiss, and the minute his head hits the pillow falls asleep.

When I go to bed wether it be between 11 or 12 I give Charlie a dream feed bottle. I just lift him up and feed him about 3-4oz. I wind him on my shoulder still swaddled then put him back down and he hardly even wakes.

So that’s how my nights are filled at the moment and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

If anyone has any questions please comment or feel free to email me at

Love Gracie x


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