Easter Baskets

So Easter is upon us, the time where your house gets filled with far too much chocolate for anyone to eat!  Easter is such a great holiday because you can go as big or as little as you want. I’ve never really made that much of a fuss about Easter but when you have little people around it definitely makes you more excited to make an effort. We have never had a table in our house, and Easter has promted me to get one. 

I really wanted us all to have a big family meal together with fun decorations everywhere. 

So the first thing I wanted to do was baskets for Frankie and Charlie. It’s been so fun finding little bits to put into the baskets. Every year months before easter, supermarket  shelves are stacked high with Easter eggs and that’s all most people buy, so by the time everyone’s given the kids there egg theres no room left in the house! So I thought making a basket with not just Chocolate in it would be a bit more exciting than getting my child into a chocolate coma!  

So here’s a list of all the things I’ve bought for the boys baskets and were I got them from. 

Both baskets and straw shavings from eBay. 

Charlie’s Basket – 7 weeks old 

Plastic bath duck – Morrisons 

Duck sponge – Morrisons 

Lamb teddy – Tesco 

Duck teddy – Jellycat 

Little Easter book – Waterstones 

Baby shoes – Inch Blue 

Hop Jumper – Gap  

Little chick – pack of 10 from eBay 

Frankie’s Basket – 23 months 

Easter sticker book – eBay 

Easter books – Waterstones 

Colouring book and crayons – Tesco 

Bunny ears – Tesco 

Green tin with bunny drippings chocolates – Tesco 

Cream mug and egg – Laura Ashley 

Straw nest – Tesco 

Chocolate bunnies – Tesco 

Carrot chocolates – Tesco 

White bunny teddy – Laura Ashley 

Pot of gold mini eggs – Tesco 

Hop jumper – Gap 

I got this great Easter flower basket from Morrisons. It’s such an easy way to decorate your table, simple but so cute! You can’t have Easter  without mini eggs! I have had to refill this glass about three times already! 

I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration to make your little ones a fun Easter basket. Why not get a great Easter outfit too…. I’ve got Frankie and Charlie matching outfits, I can’t wait to see how cute they will look! 

Jumper and trousers – Gap 

Moccasins – Wolfeandwillow  


Have a ver happy Easter guys. 

Any questions please just comment ♡

Love Gracie xo 

One thought on “Easter Baskets

  1. I love it all Gracie!…..the boys will loke adorable in their Hop jumpers….please let us all see pictures of them….a very very happy Easter to you all…I love you all…DoDo…xxxxxxxxx😍😍😍🐥🐥🐰🐰🐰


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