Being Mummy and you! 


It is true that when you have children you give yourself completely over to them. But why do you have to let yourself completely go…… The answer is you don’t!! Obviously you don’t have the time you had to go shopping and take hours on your makeup but you can be a mum and still look great. This should be for yourself and no one else! It’s hard work being a mum and you should make sure you make time for you and making yourself feel good.

I was so uninterested in clothes when I was pregnant with Charlie. That’s all I wanted to wear was big jumpers and leggings and hardly ever put makeup on my face! So when I had Charlie I think I was craving to feel good about myself again.

So this post is about me sharing with you all my favourite buys recently that have made me feel great when I wear them. Simple, easy to wear clothes that look great.

Something I missed so much when I was pregnant was wearing jeans!! I’m such a jean person. I found these great jeans in Topshop and I’ve been living in them. They are high wasted and really stretchy  material,  great for making your belly look a bit flatter and so comfy to wear.


Light weight baggy tshirts are my new love. They look great but you don’t feel self-conscious in them at all because they hide everything.


I’ve never been a trainer lover but I bought these white Nikes recently and haven fallen in love. They are SOOO comfortable and a great thing for mums to throw on in the morning when you rushing out the door. I think the clean white colour makes them easy to match any outfit.


A key necklace  can instantly make you feel nice. Adding a bit of jewellery to an outfit just brightens it up an makes you feel like you’ve made a bit of an effort.


The perfect Cardigan! have worn this River Island Cardigan most days since I bought it. It’s light weight fabric makes it not too hot but still keeps you warm in the mornings. There’s nothing worse than getting hot and flustered when your trying to sort the kids out!! It works with so many outfits an makes me feel great when I wear it.


Having another Jean in a different colour and a few different tops you can mix and match and always look great.


Us mums know that finding time for a full face of makeup is impossible with little ones around. I have 5 key items that I wear everyday for a really light easy look. It takes me no more that 5 minutes to do.

1||Foundation- I used to use DIOR but I’m now using LOREAL True Match, it’s a great light look that’s so easy to put on.

2|| Mascara- Rimmel, THE COLOASSAL. This is such a great Mascara. It has a curved edge on the brush that rally helps give more of a lift and curve to your eyelashes.


3||Bronzer- I use this Dior Bronzer. It gives a great natural glow and doesn’t make you look orange!!



4|| Eye liner – Maybelline eye liner pot lasting drama in brown. One quick line across the top of the lid can make your eyes stand out but it gives a really natural look.

5|| lipstick – Mac ‘myth’ . I love this lipstick. It’s such a great shade for the day. A really sift look.




I hope this post has given you some inspo and if you have any questions please comment.

Love Gracie xo

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