‘ I managed to get washing detergent in my eye’

Walking into a quiet waiting room and saying out loud ‘ I got washing detergent in my eye ‘ was possibly the most embarrassing thing I’ve had to do in a while.

After finishing writing my blog yesterday having a trip to the eye A&E department was NOT on my list to do! I was having such a productive day and finally getting on top of all my washing. I went to put my second wash in and had to open a new bottle of washing luquid, there was a little plastic pull back bit to open the little hole and when I pulled it back a massive blob of it flew and landed straight in the corner of my eye!!! REALLY, SERIOUSLY why did that have to happen.
Hormonal, stressed out pregnant women with detergant in her eye and a toddler at your feet that wants picking up because he has just fallen over is possibly one of the most stressful scenarios I’ve ever been in!
The reason why I am writing this blog is because I want mums to know what you have to do in this situation as I literally had no idea!
Panicking I went to the sink and rinsed my eye out for about 10 minutes, it was so painful, I finally was able to open my eye….. I honestly thought I was going to go blind ( I am a self admitted drama queen guys just to let you know i am aware of my over the topness! )
My eye was burning so much so the only thing I thought to do was google it and apparently it is a very common thing that happens with the little catch thing and also has happend to many little ones routing through cleaning cupboards!!
Why the hell would a company put such a stupid dangerous thing on a chemical product!
I rang NHS helpine and they told me that I had to get to the eye A&E department In the next hour otherwise it could seriously damage my eye!
Panick stations…. I have no one too look after Frankie! can I drive with my eye like this? What the hell am I going to do?
So I just had to get in the car and take Frankie with me, not the most ideal situation…

We spent 3 hours in A&E! But I have to say it really was an eye opener! Literally!!
They had to check the ph levels in my eye and it was way higher than it should’ve been, which resulted in them having to use a pipe of very forceful water, with three tubes of anaesthetic for twenty minutes to flush it all out.
So I’m lying there Frankie in his pram screaming his head of because he thought they were hurting me, blood all going to my head because I had to lie completely flat… Baby having a party and moving like a crazy child and to top it off water pouring all down my back!! You can only imagine my state of mind at this point I was going to have a melt down!!

So here’s what I learnt yesterday:

• if you get any type of chemical in your eye you must rinse for twenty full minutes with water.
• go to A&E within an hour of getting it in your eye.

If it happens to your little one too obviously you have to do exactly the same.

Bit of a strange blog today but after yesterday and not knowing what to do I just wanted to let all you mummy’s know the steps to take.

I think it’s safe to say that PERSIL will be getting a very sturn letter of complaint from this hormonal pregnant mummy!!

Have a lovely day and beware of those stupid bottles!!

Grace x



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