Count Down!

So we finally have a date!

3rd of February 3pm I will be walking into the hospital to have my little man.

We went in yesterday morning and it all went surprisingly smoothly… We had the scan and saw our little guys face for the first time as all the other times he’s been naughty and hidden it! I was hoping he would look more like me this time around but that has been confirmed already that it won’t be happening…. He has Toms nose and a bum chin.. definitely his daddy’s boy!
My doctor wanted him to be healthy enough to come out so when he measured him and found out he was nearly 7 pounds already he said yep lets get this day booked in! If I went to full term he would be 9 pound + , how have I made such a massive baby???
So the inducing is decided on…

Why did I want to know this date so much? I now have a date and time to count down to the pain! But it’s set and I have to just deal with it.
So how do I deal with knowing a week today I’m going to be induced… Keep calm and try not think about it….. Yep that’s what I’m going to have to do, and pray that I go Into labour naturally before.

Inducing really isn’t the best way to go into labour, you are forcing nature to happen so it can be stubborn and take it’s time. One good thing I found out now is the rules have changed on the wards and you are allowed your own room when you are being induced. Two years ago you had to be put into a room with three other women who are all making very unconfortable noises, it really doesn’t make you feel very relaxed. The nurses also encourage all the curtains to be open on each bay all day so you can all talk….. TALK?? Why would you want to look and talk to three women that are in pain when you are in pain. Confusing!!
So it’s safe to say I’m extremely happy that I get to have my own room! Yaaaay!!
My doctor has also informed me that once inducing has worked, labour should be a lot quicker than last time, anything has got to be better than 48 hours right?

This time around I’m a lot more organised and clued up on the things that you really need when your in that room….
• Your own pillow from Home… Everyone knows that when they stay anywere apart from their own bed they never really sleep as well and personally I think it’s all down to the pillow your used to, so mine is sticking to my side!
• a hot water bottle…. Hospitals these days don’t supply hot water bottles for safety reasons so a MUST is taking your own with you. Heat can comfort you and ease any minor pains or discomfort your going through.
• Dressing gown, nighties that you like, and slippers. These will make you feel at home and comfortable. I wouldn’t recommend pyjamas as you get examined a lot through inducing and you Want to have to keep moving out of bed to get all your clumpy pyjamas off!
• Hair bobbles and grips, there is nothing worse than being hot and uncomfortable and not having anything to get your hair out of they way!
• your own toiletries you like and a TOWEL! Hospital towels are always way to small and so hard and stiff! Not what you want when your body feels under stress!
• something to occupy you when your on your own and bored… I’m taking my kindle and an iPad. Most hospitals don’t have wifi apart from the cloud but you have to pay stupid money for one hour, so load it up and download all your favourite films or programmes so you can just play them without internet!
• Rasberry Leaf tea and a mug. This stuff is magical, I have been drinking it in the bucket load for the last month, but if you haven’t then when you go in definitely take it with you! It is meant to soften the cervix and I really believe it does as I drank loads through my last pregnancy and I didn’t have one stitch!


That is pretty much it… If you take all these things with you, time should go a lot smoother and quicker and the more relaxed you are the more things move along.

So for this next week I am going to continually be sat on my work out ball to try and get the little guy to come sooner but if he won’t budge then next Tuesday is the day and hopefully little man will be here by end of next week!!

I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe got some useful tips.

Grace x


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