Frankies Room


I was trying to think of my next Blog post and I thought it just had to be about Frankies Room.
If it wasn’t for his room I wouldn’t have been introduced to the amazing world of Instagram and all the lovely ladies behind the beautiful handmade shops.

Gone are the days of borders and the classic pink or blue room! FINALLY! Just because it’s a child’s room why does it have to be messy, unloved, multicoloured and just not thought out!
When Frankie was born I never had a proper nursery for him as we rented and the spare room had a huge ugly double bed in it and just not a lot of room, and frankly I didn’t really know how to decorate and work with what I had! So he just had a cot in the room and that was it really, but every time I walked in it made me miserable, I hated it! So I would just walk in get Frankie and get out, shut the door and pretend it wasn’t his room.
We finally moved into a two bed house in June this year and the spare room was empty so I had my blank canvas finally!!

My main inspiration for Frankies room I’ve got to say is from a beautiful unique website called ‘This Modern Life’ it is owned by a lovely lady called Suzanne who has the most amazing taste in home decor. She has carefully selected all these different little shops to create one of, if not the best online store for your home. Everything on the website, from the cushions to the smallest things like the wall hangers you will want to buy. It’s really is a must to go and visit!


The centre of his room is really all about his reading corner, I wanted to create a cosy quiet little place that after his bath we could go and read. Pillows pilled high a soft rug and a shelf with all his books, and it was as simple as that, Frankie’s reading corner was created.
Every night he runs into his room grabs a book gets all comfy in his cushions, looks at me and says ‘book’
My heart melts every time but it’s amazing how something so simple can become such a magical time of each day.

Through finding ‘This Modern Life’ I came across many other fantastic stores all making the most gorgeous decor for children.
One of my favourites has got to be ‘The Velveteen Babies’ everything is all handmade by a very talented lady called Coral who has the most gorgeous two little boys. Corals Etsy shop is full of her beautiful modern creations and really is a must shop to have a look at! My favourite items are the gorgeous little felt ‘love you’ arrows and the unique little Postcards.


Another new brilliant little online shop is ‘BonneNuit’ opened recently by a Gorgeous Mummy of one little girl, Jade Sandhu. She has hand selected a few little pieces and created a truly special, modern little store. You will want to buy everything on there. One of my favourite items on her store which is actually designed and created by Jade, is the ‘what would batman do’ print, it’s a must for any little guys room.

If I could pick one item in Frankies room that I love the most it would HAVE to be his Tiger Blanket from ‘ROXYMARJ’
It really is just gorgeous, the day it arrived I was stupidly excited! You can use it as a play mat, blanket or just for decor but it really is such beautiful quality. Two lovely ladies have created such a wonderful store so make sure you go and gave a look, they’ve just published there new website and it’s is so clean and fresh!


The last shop I have to mention is one of my lovely Friends Rhian, she is honesty one of the most talented artists I know. Her little shop is called ‘OH YOUNG FIERCE ONE’ inspired by her gorgeous little fierce Boy.
The detail and time that goes into create her prints is unbelievable and every new print she comes up with is even better than the last. You really have to have a look at her website. I even have one print in my living room as it’s that beautiful. Go check it out!


So that’s my little insite into Frankie’s room. If you haven’t tried decorating your little ones rooms into more of a fun place to be then give it a go, it really is the most enjoyable thing to do.

If anyone wants to know we’re any items are from from any of the pictures in Frankie’s room then please comment and I can send you links.

Thanks for reading!


Grace x



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