36 Weeks Pregnant


This Journey is coming to and end and I’m not quite sure how I feel about everything! It’s such a scary thought to think I am going to have TWO children! When did that happen???
I’ll never forget the day we got home from hospital with Frankie, Tom and I both  traumatised by the horror we had just survived. We walked through the door, sat down looked at both are Mums and said ‘ we are never going near each other again!!’.
It really was one of the most challenging 4 days of our lives but we got out the other side and had the most precious little gift.
It’s safe to say we were very decided on the fact we were NEVER having another baby again……and not even two years later I’m lying here 36 weeks pregnant about to go through it all again! I must be mental!
I’m not going to lie but I am absolutely  terrified! Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t not scared the last time around but everyone tells you stories and you think your scared but really you have never been through it so your body and mind has no idea what’s ahead, second time round on the other hand my body and brain are FULLY aware of the times ahead.  I may write Frankie’s birth story after baby number two is born but I don’t think I could write about it and re-live it until this baby is nicely wrapped up in his Moses basket and I’m far far away from the hospital.

Anyway let me tell you about the past 36 weeks. When we found out it was an amazing feeling, we both reacted completely differently to the first time around. We were both in the Salon that day and got far to excited and may have told about 10 clients the minute they walked through the door. We just couldn’t keep it in!

It’s crazy the difference between a first baby and the second! The worry that comes with the first……..Am I going to be a good mum? I need to buy literally everything listed in every single baby book because I will be a terrible mother if I don’t! I need to read at least 5 baby books so I sort of know what I’m doing! Putting the car seat in the car months before just to make sure it fits! Re arranging all the millions of things you have bought and making sure they are all folded perfectly in each draw! What was that pain I just had, quick we need to call the doctor! It is just the scariest daunting thing……..

Baby number two on the other hand is just a completely different ball game! For one you have no time to worry, panic , think, shop….. Because you have a full time, crazy little person to occupy all that time in the day you had before to worry about the smallest thing.

You also think, well I’ve managed to keep him safe and well up until now so I know I can do it. There will always be people around you too that think you could be doing something different but at the end of the day you are their mum and you will do everything the best way. Believe that!

The best thing about having another baby, especially when your having another baby the same sex is you literally do not need to buy anything because you already have it! Of course you will want to buy a few new items that’s just natural but overall it is so much cheaper and less stressful. It really is crazy how all these books and shops advertise all these things that you MUST have but really you don’t need half of it.

Here is my list that I have for any new mum to go buy, it is everything in my opinion you will need:

Moses basket, breathable Blankets, 10+ Moses basket sheets  ( I once went through 7 sheets in one day and had none left until they were washed and dried) , baby monitor, muslin cloths, nursing pillow, changing Matt, baby bag, baby bath, bouncer, breast pump, steriliser ( all new mums be so careful with sterilisers, when you take the lid off after it has been on be careful not to bring the lid towards you as all the boiling water will fall on you, I learnt from this mistake!) , bottles, pram with car seat, cotton wool, sudacream, nasal aspirator ( you can get this from boots it is such a great invention, babies little noses are so small and if they get something blocking their nose it is so hard to get out and can really interrupt babas feeding if he can’t breath properly through his nose, it is a bit of a weird thing, you put one end in your mouth and the other in your little ones nose and you suck anything out, don’t panic there’s a filter so nothing goes into your mouth) ,thermometer,breast pads nipple cream, nappies, wipes, gripe water.

The only clothes I would really suggest that you need are:

Loads of vests, baby grows, mittens,hats and one warm body suite. This was all I ever really put Frankie in until he was about three months old as they were the most comfortable things for him to wear. Friends and family will buy you loads of outfits so maybe get a few but I really wouldn’t get a lot, I had so many outfits and Frankie never wore them!

So there’s my list on what I would suggest you need , many people may have there own things that they couldn’t have gone with out but here are mine.

Back to the pregnancy, it hasn’t been the easiest! I was born with a condition that left me with no stomach muscle, so being pregnant and everything growing hurts a lot. I have a hernia also that now he’s bigger when baba moves he pops it out which isn’t very delightful!

Three weeks ago I went to the hospital and they informed me that baba was on the large side! Being so small I was shocked that I had such a big baba growing inside me even my doctor had to laugh and say what have you been eating!! So going full term with a massive baba is just a no go as my belly just will not take it. I am NOT pushing a 10 pound + baby out… Just NO! C section is a no go really for me as it could cause ALOT of problems so because he’s so big and healthy we’re getting him out!! FEW!

I’m booked in tomorrow for a scan and an appointment with my brilliant doctor and he will be giving me a date for the end of this week to be induced! Oh god! I was really hoping I would go into labour naturally but we’ve just got to do what’s right for baby! Fingers crossed baba will be here by the end of the week.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment.

Love  Gracie





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