My First Blog post – Frankies Story into the world!

So I’ve been wanting to write a blog for a while now but never had the head or time to do it ( I still don’t really have the time) but it’s something I’ve had my mind on doing for a while now and woke up today and thought i’m going to start a blog today….

So here I am sitting in my Conservatory with a complete whirl wind of destruction around me. My Little boy Frankie Patrick Mooney has turned what was a tidy room into what looks like a turned over bin!

He is the craziest little boy, full to the brim with far too much energy but he is my world.

So let me tell you the story on how Frankie came to arrive:

I moved to Manchester January 2012 and started working in a barbers in the city centre as it was the only hairdressing job I could find, the thought of cutting men’s hair all day really didn’t appeal to me but a jobs a job I thought…… Who new if I wouldn’t have started there I wouldn’t be sat here now in this upside down rubbish tip!

I met my partner Tom there and by the July I was 8 weeks pregnant! I think it’s safe to say we were both in a state of shock!!

It was all very scary but we decided that we were strong enough to do it. I had a scan at 14 weeks as I was worried I was having pains and we found out he was a boy and that day we called him Frankie Patrick. The pregnancy really wasn’t that fun due to stomach problems I had as a baby but I finally got to 37 weeks were I was induced, it lasted from Sunday at 4pm until he was born at 4.59 on Wednesday the 10th of April 2013. I was on a completely different planet and didn’t really have that moment ‘when you hold your baby for the first time it’s so magical’ it was only when we were both on the ward at about 1 in the morning when I looked at him in his hospital cot and thought oh my god he’s mine! I made him! How do I even pick him up? How do I put a baby grow on! But he was just the most gorgeous beautiful little miracle in the world, your body really does just naturally start being a mum without even noticing.
The day after Frankie was born Tom came into my little room and asked me to marry him with my Great grandmothers 100 year old diamond ring!! With my hormones being sky high I obviously cried like a baby and said YES!
That couple of weeks around having a baby really are the most magical, special time I think a mummy could ever go through. I look back at that now as the most amazing, happiest most special time of my life.
I breast fed Frankie for 4 weeks with one boob the size of a pea and the other the size of Dolly Partons. The day I stopped was when Tom had gone to the gym and I fed Frankie 6 times and he was still so hungry and upset and I just couldn’t cope anymore, some mums may say I gave up to early but it was right for us. Even though it was the hardest thing in the world to do as that bond with your baby when you breast feed is magical, I cried for days and days!
I put him onto Cow and Gate Milk and my little tiny baby turned into the strongest chubbiest happy baby.
He started sleeping through the night in his own cot at 6 months and apart from when he’s ill I haven’t had one bad night sleep with him. When his head hits the pillow at 7pm after his bath time routine he doesn’t move until 8am the next morning. We were Never quiet around him from the day he was born so I could probably have a party in his room and he wouldn’t wake up! I also never put him to bed asleep he always went down awake, after a quiet 10 minutes with me in my room. It was hard in the beginning letting him cry but controlled crying ( I believe) is the best thing you can ever do for a baby. I really was a routine queen from beginning to now and I wouldn’t change anything as he is the happiest little boy in the world.
Myself and my partner opened our own Salon in November 2013…. A baby and a new business all in one year may have been the craziest stupidest thing to do but we have come out the other side, slightly less hair though and maybe some wrinkles, but we did it and the business is doing great now!

So Frankie started nursery at 9 months for two days a week and his Na Na had him on Saturdays, it was so hard at first leaving him for three full days and most days I would get home and he was fast asleep! HEARTBREAKING! But a Mummy’s got to do what a Mummy’s got to do!
He thrived on nursery and he definitely wouldn’t be the brave, sociable little guy he is today if he hadn’t started so early.

So here I am today 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant with another little boy! The shop is still standing, Frankie is 21months old and life is pretty good!

This blog post today was really about me catching up on the last crazy three years of my life so I can start from tomorrow and write about pregnancy, life with baby number two coming into the world, our general day to day life and how I am going to cope with two babies a business and Tom, well I suppose I should say three babies!!




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