How I take & Edit my Instagram images

Afternoon guys,

Today I thought I’d write a quick post about how I edit my Instagram pictures and what I use to take them. I have never written a post like this but it’s the question I get asked the most so thought why not!


Being a Mum I really find it hard carrying around a camera in my bag, I can just about remember to put my shoes on let alone charge and put a camera in my bag. I recently purchased an IPhone 8 plus and I’m really in love with it. The majority of all my Instagram and blog pictures are taken on my phone. I can just take a quick picture and go. It’s the simplest way for me. The Portrait mode is really great too for the blurred background but it doesn’t work great at all if the lighting isn’t great.

I do own a SONY A5000 (which the images above were taken on) but I still haven’t fallen in love with it. It’s mostly because technical cameras and I just don’t get on. But if you are looking for a camera that gets a blurred background quite easily then this is definitely one for you.

I also have an Olympus pen EPL7 I love that camera a lot but I smashed the screen on the way back from New York and I’m yet to get it fixed, It really is worth every penny and amazing for easy to navigate aperture settings. You can also touch the screen to get your focus point which is amazing.


I only use one app regularly, it’s called Facetune and is the best app ever! If the image is slightly yellow I use the WHITENING tool to clean it up. I also sometimes use the PATCH tool too if there a little dust on my coat or something on the carpet, you can use this to erase that. Those are the only two things I do before going or Instagram. Here you can see a Before and after using the Facetune app.

The only other thing I do then is use the Instagram tools as I think they are great. You just have to be careful which ones to use and not go crazy. The only ones I use are the BRIGHTENING, HIGHLIGHTS and SHARPEN.

Here’s the image once edited in Instagram:

So that’s pretty much it… Hope this was helpful guys do let me know if you liked it and if you know of any other great apps.

Love Gracie xo


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