New year, New me / Diet and exercise plan

Let me start this off by saying I am NO EXPERT in anything related to dieting or exercise…. at all…. but I thought as its the new year and I’m trying to be more productive and also blog more I though I would do a little update on what I’m doing to get more healthy and loose a bit of weight!

So here goes….


So for the last year my diet has been really bad if I’m honest, I wasn’t watching what I ate, resulting in me putting on a stone in one year!

I am 10 stone now and although I know thats not really heavy its just not a weight I’m happy with at all.

Last week I joined up to Slimming World, it really is such a fab company. Their app is amazing and keeps track of your weight weekly and also has all the delicious recipes on there. Im usually only making the slimming world meals at night time for Tom and I.

Im also drinking a lot more water than I usually do, this is really helping me feel a lot better I’m sure of it. Im the worst water drinker in the world and some days I will literally on have one glass….. I know terrible!

Its probably easier if I write what I eat for breakfast lunch and dinner so you can see what  do through out the day.


When I wake up I have to have a caffeine drink other wise I just don’t  function and am very moody… I’ve never been a morning person…never will! also when your four year old asks you every question possible before 8am caffeine is definitely needed. Although i have started limiting to one  a day as i find my anxiety gets a lot worse on caffeine.

I then take the boys to school, once I get home if I’m hungry I will make some rivita with avocado on, normally around two pieces is enough to fill me up and with this I will have 1 glass of water.

If we go out for breakfast during the week I will get one piece  of toast with poached eggs always as i really enjoy this, and one piece of toast is hardly a deal breaker.


Making food for the boys is enough for my brain to deal with through the day so I’ve been having a bowl of special K for my lunch around 2pm with another glass of water. Ive found that has been enough to keep me going until dinner.


This week I’ve enjoyed making all the Slimming World recipes so much. All the ingredients are fresh and they are honestly so yummy. My favourite is the lasagne….the white sauce is made up of natural yogurt, eggs and nutmeg….I would never have thought that would have worked but wow its sooo good!

If we go out for dinner, (like we did this week) I’m ordering much healthier stuff…..I ordered the seabass, which is something I’ve never tried but it was delicious. Much better than getting a big steak with fries. So you can still go out for food and be healthy…I know its hard when your kids are schoffing pizza down their necks!

Here are some of my favourite slimming world recipes :









Saturdays and Sundays are my cheat days I’ve decided, I love food way too much to just eat healthy. Now I don’t mean I’m going to have  5 Mcdonalds in one day but if we want to go for a Sunday dinner I’m going to do it!


Being a Mum I do run around all day  so I wouldn’t say I’m lazy but I’m not very fit. We decide to join back at the gym this week and I loved it. We are members at Nuffield health, this one is particularly good as it has a cresh so no worries of having nobody to have the kids.

We will be going every Monday and Tuesday from now on as those are the best days for us. I think twice a week is ample enough time to exercise for.

These are the general things I do when at the gym:

-2000 meters on the rowing machine

-15 minutes on the weights bit, legs and arms

-15 minutes on the running machine with a 5 minute cool down walk.

This is pretty much what I do every time and its whats always worked for me. I will be going to a Zumba class on Mondays for 45 minutes…. Zumba is something I’ve always loved so I’m looking forward to starting back this Monday.


What I wear for the gym:


I hope you got something from this if you read it, and do let me know if you have any good tips for me.


Love G XO






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