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So today I found a forum about ‘Instamums’ , I worn you this may be a rant one as quite frankly it’s pissed me off.

I don’t no why people are so nasty and horrible about any Mother. Just because some mums choose to show their lives through Instagram why does that make them fake and not real.

I am  Lifestyle Mummy blogger that blogs every now and then because its something I want to write about, I have been lucky enough to be sent items for free, and I then write or post about the item. But I would never accept something I didn’t like. There are a lot more popular Instamums than myself, with over 10k followers and I love seeing how well everyone is doing. So why is their such a nasty vibe towards mothers that use Instagram.

I may be biased but I don’t really want to see pictures of stuff I see all day myself, why is it so wrong to post a pretty picture.I read today that one person hated how white Instagram was and being a mother you can’t keep a white house……just to let that person know that I have a very white home, and I use packs of baby wipes to clean pretty much everything in my home! Oh and yes I have pen marks on some of my walls and pink nail varnish on Charlies cot but why would I post a picture zoomed in on those bits…..nobody wants to see that. Also if its somebodys house thats still there bloody house they haven’t just brought in loads of props for that one picture and then thrown them in the bin or got a designer to style there living room for that one perfect picture…. it is their home and if their proud of it then show it off!!

I also have no idea why people hate “instamums” being payed for promoting a product. The only thing I can think it is jealousy, but if you want to do that then why not start a blog and see were you get with it……if it makes people that angry simply unfollow that person or live your dream and do what clearly is eye catching to you.

Every mum is a MUM, every mum has woken up in the night 25 times to settle their baby, every mum has weeks were they feel like complete shit, every mum thinks “omg what has happened to my body’, every mum has had a lonely day in the house on their own when they feel like bed time is never going to come……so WHY are there forums slating mums on instagram saying everybody’s fake?

I completely get that instagram can sometimes be a place that can make you feel like you’r not doing good enough in life…I get it…..I went through a bad head space were I just didn’t feel great about myself, but I took myself away from it and only started using it again when I felt better.

Why can’t everyone embrace mums and be kind to one another, I’m completely shocked at some of the nasty comments I read today about the ‘instamum’ community. I just don’t get it!! Every mum on instagram is the same as every other mum so lets all support each other.

Im very lucky to have such lovely supportive followers……I moved to Manchester and had children….didn’t know anybody……and had two kids……sorry if people think you can’t have friends on instagram but without my instagram friends I don’t think I could have got through a lot of weeks were things were tough.

Sorry for my rant, Ill leave with this quote………….Love G x



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  1. December 11, 2017 / 11:28 pm

    I write a blog also about pretty much anything I want to mainly staying within the lifestyle / parenting niche. I also have two children and 85% of the time a clean and tidy home why should I feel bad about this? I’m sick to death of seeing all these nasty little comments popping up pitting mums against each other. Some people forget this is a job for some as much as it is a fun past time and there is NOTHING wrong with that.

  2. December 13, 2017 / 10:25 am

    I love this post so much! I can completely relate. X

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