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Today is an exciting beauty post. I have had the worst dull dry skin for such a long time now and last week I was invited to the beautiful new clinic in Manchester ‘Infinity Aesthetics’. The team there are amazing and I had such a lovely morning.

Are you feeling like your skin is dull and needs a little lift? well in this post I will explain the treatments I had done and what they are used for.

The stunning new clinic is located on Bridge st in Manchester City centre. Here is a link to Infiniti Aesthetics Facebook page.


Here I am with one of the lovely owners Sophia, she’s such a lovely lady and made me feel so at ease in the clinic.

First Treatment : Radio Frequency on the face

This treatment was the most relaxing treatment I’ve ever had. It is used to rejuvenate the skin, it increases the production of collagen, adds luminosity, hydrates, plumps skin and reduces excess sebum oil. It is a fantastic anti ageing treatment too.

I really enjoyed this treatment, Sophia used a gel all over the skin and then applied a warm heat, rotating it over the skin for around 20 minutes. The heat on the skin felt amazing and nearly sent me to sleep!


2nd Treatment : Opera LED mask (red led light)

This treatment is used to rejuvenate, hydrate, heals, anti ageing, brightening your complexion and loosens any dead skin cells.

This treatment was very relaxing also, Sophia applied a silicon mask to my face and then used the opera mask with the red light setting. This was left over my face for half an hour and was such a relaxing enjoyable treatment. Out of the three this was definitely my favourite.



3rd Treatment : Chin Freeze

This treatment freezes the fat cells underneath the chin area. The cells are then flushed out via the lymphatic drainage system. The cells are permanently killed…. no calories can then be absorbed as there are no fat cells left. This treatment take 6-8 weeks to work depending on the individual.

I started to have this treatment but the machine kept falling off, I didn’t have enough fat there. I was gutted but I suppose I should be happy as I didn’t have as much there as I thought!! You win some you loose some hey!


The clinic is decorated in such a beautiful style. Its very fresh and clean but all the little touches give it a homely warm feeling. The walls are painted white with soft grey furnishings. The hallway leading into the treatment rooms has the most stunning picture of Marilyn blowing a pink bubble gum out of her mouth, this is accompanied by a stunning pink buttoned sofa. It just oozes safistiacation and style.


Honestly I can’t even tell you the difference in my skin. My makeup has been going on so much better and I just feel brighter. One main thing I never did was drink water, some days I only drink 1 glass…… I know terrible!! So I was advised that I need to drink a lot more than I do and I really have noticed a difference in my skin just by doing this. I was also told I need to be using a cleanser and toner morning and night, with a exfoliater and mask a couple of times a week. This will give you the best results from your treatments and make your skin look much better.

Something very exciting is that the lovely team at Infinity Aesthetics are offering 50% off for new customers on these treatments:



RADIO FREQUENCY FACE ( My first treatment )





You receive lots on information all abut your treatments when you leave and also get a lovely follow up call just to see how your skin is feeling.

I couldn’t reccomened Infinity Aesthetics anymore and would recommend anyone to go and visit the clinic, It was such a lovely experience and I will be returning very soon.

Go and give them a follow here on Instagram for updates on all products.

Love G x







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