Aldi is my new best friend

Hey guys,

I know Aldi has been around for a good while now but I’ve only just realised how bloody fantastic it it!!

My weekly shops normally cost around £200 if I work out all the times I go to Tescos and other places through the week and it was just starting to get to me how much money was being spent on food. To be honest the amount I got for all that money was pretty crap too!! I always had to go back and forth to the supermarket throughout the week, and having two babies is just a stressful experience.

Since finding Aldi I cant tell you the difference its made to my life. I shop there ONCE a week, and spend no more than £70.00 on my food. I never have to head back as I get so much food it actually runs into the next week.

This shop cost me £68.88. And im seriously not even joking with you….. LOOK AT ALL THAT FOOD!!

The quality of the food is really great and they have such a variety of different brands now.

Another life changer is that I’ve changed to Aldi nappies. Pampers were costing me nearly a tenner a pack and these Aldi ones are a complete bargain at 3.99!! I didnt believe the hype about them but they are completely fab. They never leak when the boys have weed alot through the night.

Here are a few of my favourite products from Aldi.

So if your sick of spending a small fortune in your food shop then heading to Aldi is a must.

Love G xo

** This Blog post is NOT sponsored by Aldi it is just an honest account of my thoughts and opinions **


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