‘Your kids don’t want a perfect Mum, they just want a happy one’


Being a mum is hard work isn’t it, I think were in a society now were everybody tries to put on this big front like we can do a million things with 8 arms and legs, keep the house tidy, take their kids to every social event possible, make restaurant worthy food 10 times a day….. but really lets be honest the majority of us are just getting on with it struggling along the way. Remembering to brush your teeth is hard enough right?
To then add anxiety into the mix is like adding salt to a mahito! Living with anxiety as a mum can be a really difficult thing.

An anxious mum constantly makes a list in their head of everything they need to do in a day and then at the end when they don’t finish it they just get a massive stress pain in the chest and feel like a failure…. the next day it just happens all over again. But its HARD though isn’t it to say hold on, I’m struggling a bit, us mums never admit it. But we can start saying when we feel like things are getting on top of us. Whats the point of having gorgeous children when all we do is stress all day? Its actually a proven fact that women are more likely to suffer from anxiety than men, yet the mother is the one holding the the fort together.

Being a mum is also quite a lonely thing, our whole day is revolved around making sure we do the best for our kids and we forget who we are, But we must not forget who we are too. Technically anxiety covers a range of problems and symptoms. From fretting about the little everyday things in life at one end to worrying about bigger issues such as finances at the other end and may also include the following;

-I find it hard to concentrate for any length of time.

-I keep thinking about ‘things’ all the time (ruminating)

-My breathing is shallower and or quicker.

-My mouth feels dry.

-My heart is pounding and I am not exercising.

-I am feeling hot or cold and sweaty.

-I seem to have butterflies in my stomach or indigestion.

-I feel I want to run away, hide or be on my own.

-I am wringing my hands, biting my nails, picking the skin around my nails.

-I am running to the toilet to empty my bladder or bowels more frequently (no infection)

-I am tired and or irritable because I am not able to get off to sleep, stay asleep and or wake up very early.

– Become lethargic and tired all the time.


If your feeling any of these symptoms you are most probably suffering from anxiety. But lets just take a step back and look at this for a minute, were mothers of small children, we are responsible for feeding, changing, teaching, loving, cleaning, clothing, taxing them so why would we not be anxious. Your not a failure because you feel stress all the time it shows that your an amazing mum because you care. So why not stop worrying for an hour in your day and do something for you as a mum, whether it be have a nice bath and give yourself a pamper or reading a nice magazine while your children watch a film. Also think of the time of day your trying to do something for you. Theres no point trying to sit your kids down morning or the afternoon when they are at their most hyper. Your only going to get more stressed out because they wont sit still. Why not give them a nice bath get them into their pjs, make a nice warm bottle and sit them in front of the tele with their favourite film on, this is the perfect time to have chill for you. We just need to realise as mums that its ok to say were stressed and that sometimes we just cant do everything…. your not superwomen your just a mum trying your best.


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