Tips on how to style your Instagram photos like a blogger 

If were all completely honest with ourselves we all scroll through instagram wishing we could take beautiful images like the insanly talented bloggers out there. The quality and style from these top bloggers or pinterest famous people is insane and makes everybody elses feeds look …. well not so good in comparison. Some people just have that eye but most of us have to work at it.
Im still getting my head around all the tips and tricks to use and Im always looking to up my game in the photography front. But as much as I want to use my lovely posh camera I very rarely have time to use it as its a labour of love to get the perfect shot. Most of my images are taken with my Samsung s7 edge. So it really isnt impossible to get lovely images you just have to know a few tricks.

1. Pick a theme

This is the most important part about taking beautuful pictures, they all need to tie in eith eachother. but remember try jot to copy someone elses just go with what you love and people will love ot more that way. You could pick a particular filter on instagram and always use that one. All i do to my images is use the BRIGHTNESS &  SHARPEN tools, until im happy with it.

2. Lighting

Lighting is key in taking a great picture. Natural light should be your best friend when your thinking of taking a photo. This image below was taken at 12pm and I havent edited it at all. So get those blinds open and try not to take your pictures after 3pm.

3. Flatlays

Taking an image from a birds eye view is such an easy way to create a great image. You can mix them up with textures and colours, but remember to use products and things that compliment eachother. 

4. Accesories

Its a good idea to have a few pretty accesories that you can always grab to add to an image. Books are a great accesories as are candles, ornaments, flowers, laptops, blankets …. pretty much anything pretty. 


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