Living room home touches 

Its easy to put a sofa into a room and plonk the tele in front of it but what makes a room a living room?

1.Personally I think its all the finishing touches and personalisation that makes it a homely living room. One thing to remember is to know your style. Just because an image looks nice on pinterest doesnt mean it will look perfect in your home because you have to love everything and pick things to your taste. Everytime I’ve seen an image and thought oh I’ll do that in my home it just never really works. It has to be natural and it has to be things that you have chosen otherwise they will just creep into the garage and you’ll have loads of junk you don’t even use.

2.Another tip I could give you is to only buy something if you really really love it, you should always wait until you find the perfect thing, not just because it will look ok.I  have been searching for a table for next to my sofa for ages, I’ve almost bought loads but when I saw this one I just fell in love. 

3.Make sure  your decorative pieces tie in with one another, this will definitely help creat a clean flow between all your living room. 

Love G x

Eames style chair – Ebay // Round coffee table – Ebay // Side table with wooden legs – Maison de Monde // Round vases – Catcooe // Sofa – Ebay // Cushions – H&M // Marble vase – Homebase // Large Print – Your type prints // white side table – ikea // White lamp – ikea // Faux flowers & Vase – Ikea 


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