Family Table

Since moving into our new house one of my favourite things has been having such an open free space for us all to eat our food. I know this may sound stupid but a family table is such a solid part of a childrens upbringing dont you think?

Our lives are filled with technology and crazyness and theres never any time anymore to stop and take check on how everyone is. A family table can certainly bring everything together. I love it when we all sit down throughout the day to eat.

It is so important to have a comfy clean space, if you have kids you will know that things can get messy so quickly so having a less fussy area will make tidying up alot easier!!

Our table was originally the other side of the kitchen but due to the hot weather I’ve had to move it as we were all melting into the floor every time we ate.

This is Franks Chair, he actually put the little rug onto it himself because he said it was really cosy when he ate his food….. too cute. 

This is Charlies little highchair, its such a great style to clean and he fits in it perfectly.

Table – IKEA // Eames style chairs – Ebay // Wall print – Southwoodstores // Highchair – IKEA // Round tray – Violet & Percy //  Vase and faux flowers – IKEA // Seat rug – Ikea // White light hanging – IKEA 


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