The Best Tanning product for busy Mums! | ST TROPES GRADUAL TAN IN SHOWER

Hello lovely ladies, 

Lately I’ve been getting so sick of looking so pale and frumpy all the bloody time so I decide I just cant deal anymore so Ive been on the hunt for a easy fake Tan that doesn’t come off on bed sheets because lets face it we all feel better with a tan….. and guess what I think ive found it! 
Being a busy mum its impossible to sit like a star fish for an hour whilst your tan dries… then smell like a walking bottle of fake tan …… then look like a tramp having disgusting bed sheets! 

This St Tropez Shower tan is absolutely fantastic, its literally the easiest tan to use ever. You simply get in the shower and exfoliate a little, turn the shower off add the shower gel all over your body and leave for three minutes….. wash off and that is it. I’m not even joking its that easy. I woke up today with a lovely tan, it was really even and I didnt smell and have disgusting bed sheets. Its a real winner! 

You can shop the St Tropez shower tan here


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