Mummy & Daddy Time | Finding the right babysitter for you

So I’m nearly four years in of being a Mummy and I’m not going to lie there has been some seriously tough times, it is lonely being a Mum and I’m not afraid to say it. Yes I love my children more that the whole universe but I’m ok in saying that I need my time to to be myself. 

I’ve spoken before about my anxiety and low days I have and I truly believe they are because us as mums don’t really think about ourselves. We’re always worrying about the washing or what to make for tea. You can take your eye off yourself completely and look in a mirror and think who am I? 

What am I trying to say, well after my four years at this parenting thing I’ve come to the conclusion that to be a good parent you need time to yourself and also time to put into your relationship. 

Tom and I don’t really have any family in Manchester that can look after our children so we never really do much. I’ve been saying it for ages. That we need to find a babysitter so we can go on a date night once a week but I kept putting it to the back of my list. 

Last week I decided to take the plunge and look into babysitters. I found a great website called It’s so simple to use you just enter your postcode and you can see all registered childminders and babysitters in your area. I found a lovely lady with great reviews and she came on Monday night and looked after the boys for three hours. I felt physically sick leaving the boys in our home with a complete stranger!! She was amazing though and texted me updates all the way through with a few pictures of what they were up to. The cost for ours was ten pound an hour but she also does over night stays for £60. 

Tom and I had a wonderful night together and the next day it just made us feel a lot less stressed which in the end will be better for our kids.
So if you haven’t got a babysitter to hand and you want a night out with your friends or your husband then don’t think about it anymore and just do it. Trust me it will change your life!! 
Love Gracie xo 


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