Loner Mum ! 

I have been really unwell this week with a horrible head cold and yesterday was just a day full of over heating and attempting to make the house look tidy, but the minute the boys got home from school it was a bomb sight again. 

So today I woke up thinking do something for yourself today Grace, forget the housework, forget that your a Mum and you have things to do just do something you really want to do…,.. I’ve wanted to see Beauty and the Beast at the cinema since it came out so I thought what the heck I’m going to go and bloody see it on my own…….. I’m not guna lie the first 20 minutes I felt like a complete and utter IDIOT! But listen to this I was getting all relaxed with my popcorn minding my own business and a couple come and sat right next to me…… I mean why the hell would you do that!!!! The cinema was empty!!! They seriously nearly ruined my time but I got over it quite quick and by the end of the film I’d had a really lovely time. I definitely think I’m going to do it again! So if you have a day we’re you don’t have your kids then why not treat yourself and get a cinema ticket for one, I bet you’ll have the most relaxing time ever just make sure a weird couple doesn’t sit next to you ! 

P.s Beauty and the Beast was AMAZING! 
Love Gracie xo


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