How to take the perfect flatlay for your Blog

Getting the right picture for your blog can be hard work, before I was a blogger I used to think oh that’s such a pretty picture but I never actually put any thought into how you would go about achieving it. In this blog post I tell you 6 easy steps that I use to create the perfect flatlay for my blog. 


The background of your flatlay is quite important to creating the best image. I have bought a role of vinyl marble sticky back paper, and stuck it onto an old piece of board I had. This is such an easy way of having a solid base to put all your bits onto. You can buy this here. You don’t have to go with the marble either there are a lot of different styles, I’m thinking of getting a wood affect next. 


Lighting is sooo important for your images. Make sure you take them in a place that has a lot of natural light but not right in the sun so that you get a shiny glare. I took my images at around 1 in the afternoon. I never tend to take an image past 4pm as it never looks that great. 


Make sure you pick things that incorporate with each other and it’s also a good idea to pick a theme of colours your going to use too. 


Wether your using and iPhone or a professional camera make sure you hold it really really still when taking the image other wise it can become blurry or grainy and we don’t want that! 


If you take a good enough image you shouldn’t have to edit it too much. The only thing I have done with my images is use the iPhone editing tool to brighten it very slightly. But be careful if you over edit it can make your images grainy and can look over edited. I took these images on an IPhone 7S. 

That’s pretty much it!! Let me know if you have any great flatlay ideas you use! 

Love Gracie xo 


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