Minimalist Monochrome Kids Room Decor 

Hey guys, 
Today was my first day child free day in what feels like FOREVER… so naturally I gravitated to Ikea…. it was delightful being in there and not being screamed at or finding my child swinging from hanging lamp! 

I bought Charlie some square frames and when I got home I thought I’m just going to draw a few things to go in them for the time being but I actually love them! This spurred me on to tidy their room and show you all it. As it’s quite small I’ve kept it very minimal, I am planning on putting some book shelves up but that will be next week. 

I hope you like their room as much as I do.                

White cot – IKEA

Pandas- jelly cat

Tree cushion – This modern life

Cross cushion – H&M

Frames – Ikea

Xo blanket – Jaxon James 

Spot duvet cover – John Lewis 

Heart print – pax & heart 

Teddie face toy bag – telkido 

Chest of drawers – Ikea

Bed – Ikea 

Lamp-  Ikea 

Black Basket – This  modern life 


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