Frankies New Big Boy Hair 

I still can’t believe the picture above is my little boy!!!! This has been on the cards for a while as Frankie is in big boy school now and he has started to look slightly messy all the time as he never let me brush his mane. 

Frankie has been asking me to cut his hair for a while but I just wasn’t ready to let go ……. today was the day…. we woke up and just did it!!

Yes I cried all the way through like a crazy mother but I actually love it!! He looks so grown up I can’t even deal with it, I keep looking at him and thinking he doesn’t look like my Frankie….. but it is going to make all our lives so much easier. I don’t think I could go through one more bath time of Crying so much whilst I washed it that I always thought the neighbours would think I was killing him! 

             This was how long it was before


             And this is our grown up little boy 

Bye bye long hair we have loved you so much but we are ready for the next phase of our big boy Frankies cool haircut! 


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