Tom and I met 5 years ago and you could pretty much say we did everything back to front. We got pregnant within 3 months with Frankie, Got engaged, Opened a Salon 6 months after having him, Got Pregnant with Charlie 6 months after that, Moved House, Moved house again, Got married and then bought a house!!!

Yep we have definitely been busy and haven’t done it all in the right order but really….. who does these days? And what really is the correct way to live your lives.

 P E R F E C T I O N ?

We are all at fault for looking at peoples lives and wishing for this or that but what I have realised after these crazy five years is that all that matters is you and our family being happy. Instagram is one of the worst places for it. Im am guilty for posting perfect pictures on my page as I like it looking pretty but I promise you theres is probably a massive pile of laundry on the floor in the corner or a about three potties full of wee scattered around the house. But the honest truth is  ….. If  YOUR not happy then you can’t deal with shit…… but if your happy you can do anything!


I have to say I have really questioned my luck over the last three years, feeling like everything is always kicking me when I’m down and continuously throwing massive curve balls our way. I know I’m moaning but seriously our lives could be on Coronation street we have that much drama! Everyones always terrified to answer the phone to us as we are known for drama! Its just not normal!

But I have to say this week I have felt over all the worry and fight and finally come to the realisation that we have come out of the storm pretty darn lucky. All the things that have gone wrong that I have put myself into the darkest places over on the other hand we have had good luck to rectify it all.

D E P R E S S I O N    &    A N X I E T Y

Being a mum to two small children and living in Manchester were none of my family or friends live its been quite hard at times. I can be the happiest bubbliest person when Toms at home but the minute he goes to work I feel empty and feel like I can’t leave the house. I even thought to myself at some point maybe I should go to the doctors but I’m so glad I didn’t as I got through it. But I can really understand how mums do have to go and get some help to make them feel better as you can get to some low places. I also get really anxious about things….. because we do have so much bad luck I’m constantly waiting for something bad to happen and have a tight stress feeling in my chest! Gradually over the past few weeks as we have come out the other side of buying the house I’m finally going out in the day with the boys and actually feeling a lot happier in myself. Im not saying I won’t have my down days but who doesn’t…. Im just not going to let small things bother me as much as they used too.


Relationships are a funny one aren’t they? People can say ‘oh I don’t get why they do that’ or ‘god don’t they argue a lot’ , but as long as your happy who gives a shit right?

Tom is my absolute rock and I don’t quite know what I’d do without him. From the outside people may think we argue all the time…… we  don’t…. we bicker….and to be honest I think thats the main reason we are so strong. We bicker all day everyday but we never have any niggly things that annoy us about each other because we say it all day to each other! I have to say getting married made us even stronger, it was like a strange thing happened were we just didn’t need to worry about each other anymore and we just know that we’ll be together when were old…. bickering on a porch somewhere….. in America ( yep I will live in america one day and have one of those houses with the porches!) Another thing that makes us so close is that we talk through all our problems in our lives and I really feel like this gets us through a lot. We never go to bed without having a really good chat about what ever drama we’ve had that day and it really does help.

B E I N G    A    M U M

Being a Mum….. well theres no bloody right way of doing anything and all those people that judge and look and gawp at you well lets be honest are they that great?? Do they really brush their teeth in the morning of the school run? no they bloody don’t so take a hike.  Being a mum I think you go through every single emotion known to man…. love, stress, sadness, craziness, anger and theres loads that you don’t even know you had until thy hit you. I spend most my day screaming at the boys and wishing it was bedtime but the minute they go to bed I go in their rooms and stare at them like some crazy women because I miss them!

So my moral of the story is be Happy and if you need to scream in a cupboard from time to time thats totally normal so do it!




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  1. Hayley
    February 27, 2017 / 9:41 pm

    Enjoyed reading this, I enjoyed its honesty. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Grace
      February 27, 2017 / 9:44 pm

      Thank you so much lovely, I just thought why not be honest and real…. I really enjoyed writing it actually. I think I’m going to start writing more personal blog posts. Thank you so much for reading 🙂 xxxxx

  2. judy st johnston
    February 28, 2017 / 7:38 pm

    I love you Gracie Mooney….xxxxxx

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