Half term Hygge | Fort-spiration

Hey guys,

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful half term with your little ones ( and your not tearing your hair out too much!).
Today we were sent the most fab box of goodies by ‘Hygge’ sponsored by Plusnet. Its all to do with doing fun things in the half term period with your kids. Im always looking for fun things to do with the boys to keep them entertained, and I have to say this was one of the best and fun things weve ever recieved.

The boys and I were set a challenge to create the cozyest Fort using all the lovely goodies sent to us in the box. It was so much fun using our imagination to make it the best fort that has ever been made before…… my critics are only 2 and 3 so apparently it really was the best fort in the world.

We decided  to do the CHAIR FORT as it was the easiest one for the boys to help me do. We used the star garland on the top and also the gorgeous fairy lights from Lights4fun.

Using the yummy popcorn we cooked it in a pan and listened to the popping noises until it was done…. theres something so fun and fascinating about making popcorn dont you think?

How could we have a film Fort night without hot chocolate!! We used the delicious marshmallows to sprinkle on the top of the boys drinks to make them extra special.

Trolls was the first choice of corse to watch as our hollywood film.. have you seen it … if not you really must even I love it!!

I really hope you enjoyed are FORT-SPIRATION post , if you want to check the HYGGE website out on how to create your own fort just click HERE.

May the Fort be with you!


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