Charlies 2nd Birthday

I still can’t believe that my little baby turned two last weekend. Life has gone by at 100 miles an hour and I can barely keep up with the changes that are happening. We went away for 5 days just before his birthday and when we came back Charlie was completely different…. he could speak so much and do loads of little things he could never do before.

The reason why Im telling you this is that this year we decided to have a really low key birthday for charlie and just have a really lovely family day. We sometimes get so caught up in the whole birthday drama that we forget to actually just stop and go….. my baby is 2!! Last year I went a little crazy with the birthday theme for Charlies birthday ( Click here to rrad Charlies 1st birthday post )  spent half the day taking the perfect picture, we also had loads of family round that was slightly overwhelming for him and also that we ended up talking to all the adults and not taking that much notice of him!

For Charlies second birthday we had such a beautiful memorable day. Id been to Tescos the night before and bought him a little paw patrol car as he is absolutely obsessed with paw patrol…….. why do children have to watch the same thing over and over agin…. have some variety for god sake!!!!

We cooked a lovely brunch for us all, just a simple poached eggs and bacon, we all sat around the table laughing and joking and just enjoyed each others company.

Id bought the boys matching outfits but Frankie decided to have a threenager moment and instead he didn’t want to wear his new shoes or top and decided on his own outfit…..and trust me there is no point arguing with a 3 year old going on 13!

Once dresses we all go in the car and drove to Toys r us. The boys were very excited and sang all the way there.

After running all the way round and putting possibly everything in sight into th trolley we walked passed the big Toy cars. Well Charlie was absolutely smitten, he kept getting in one then getting in another and then another. He literally woudlnt get out of it so we decided to put all the toys back and get him the car instead. Getting it into the car was eventful but we will fast forward that bit!

Anyone ever sang happy birthday for their child three times because the first two times didn’t go down so well…..yep that happened to us. But luckily on attempt three he was in a good mood. I didn’t make his birthday cake this year which I know is a massive mum fail but he did really enjoy his Avengers cake. Yes I’m lying to myself because I know I shouldve made him it! Hands up…….Im not a perfect mum.

Later that evening we all decided to go to pizza hut for some food and then we went to the arcade. We had the best time in there with the boys, Tom played the gun games with Frankie and to his dismay Frankie was better than him! Charlie and I were on a hunt for tickets so we could win something for him. We ended up winning nearly 500 tickets and managed to blag a paw patrol art case! 

Overall Charlies Birthday was Fab! No fuss,  no big partys, just a memorable lovely day that we can all cherish ♡ 
Love Gracie 






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