Chanel Foundation 

If somebody asked me “what couldnt you live without being a mum?” …. My answer would most definitely be a perfect base foundation!. Running on hardly any energy and early mornings having a good foundation can make you go from mental mother to half normal mother!

Ive always been a big lover of foundation and have about 15 bottles of different foundations that ive half used but bought a new one but never finished.
I bought the new Chanel Le Teint Ultra Tenue a couple of weeks ago and im absoloutley smitten. If youve worn Double wear Estee Lauder but felt it was too heavy but did like the look then this Chanel foundation will be perfect for you. Chanel have always created very light foundations which I found wouldn’t work for me but this new one is amazing. It sits on the skin beautifully and hasnt made my skin come ot in any spots. I always know if a foundation is good or not on how my skin reacts… if I break out in spots the first couple of days its just not going to work for me.
So if youve been on the look out for a silky full coverage foundation thats going to make you look like a normal human being then go grab this it really is lovely. Shop here .
Love Gracie xo


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