Hey guys,

Its definitely been a crazy few months since I last blogged, but I’m finally getting back on my feet with everything and am really excited about a new angle I’m taking on the blog. If your a mum you will know that feeling good about your image takes a while to get back but recently I’ve felt a lot better about being me. I Have lumps and bumps in places, and I am now buying size 12 topshop jeans ( when I was buying a 6/8 before the kids….. but they were from topshop so I’m giving myself a slight brake on that note as they make sizes for barbie dolls!) but anyway what I’m saying is that its ok not to feel 100% about your body all the time it wouldn’t be normal not too, but having a few key pieces that make you fee great is a good way to start.

Ive finally found an easy, yet stylish vibe to my wardrobe that makes me feel good even when I’m running up the slide at the park because my child is trying to go down backwards and upside down.

So heres my favourite pieces I’ve bought recently that you can all mix and match with. Let me know what you think! Simply click on the image to shop…. enjoy xx

Love Gracie xo


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  1. Simi
    July 26, 2016 / 11:46 pm

    Yep I completely know what you mean, love the pieces you’ve picked…really loving espadrilles at the moment as well they are perfect casual alternative to ballet flats!

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