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Being a Mummy you can find yourself in a little bit of a self conscious rut when it comes to your image. You can completely loose yourself in nappies and sleepless nights that you don’t even no what foundation or a hair brush is anymore. Adjusting to life with two babies has been a tough one but I feel in the last few months I’ve finally found myself again… Me … Not mummy with a bun on top of my head…. Grace… Who loves makeup and dressing nice. It can be daunting trying to find outfits that are easy to wear when you’ve got to run up and down the stairs a million times to find your child throwing stuff in the toilet but it is doable!

I found some really amazing products recently that I’ve found have completely changed my makeup routine. I thought today I’d share some of the gorgeousness that I’ve come across.

The ARTIS Oval brush is possibly the best item I’ve bought in a long time. Tom thinks I look like a complete nutter when I use it as he thinks I look like I’m rubbing a spoon all over my face! No but seriously this brush is insane and makes your foundation look flawless. I could never use my fingers to do my foundation and always used a brush but I still felt it left lines on my face but with this it leaves it all blended with hardly any effort. This is the ARTIS Oval 6 brush. Click here to buy.

Finding a foundation for my tired skin has been a slight challenge recently and I’ve bought around 5 different brands,  each one being a dissapointment. This No7 Airbrush away foundation is simply stunning. Leaving a gorgeous full coverage without the heaviness of a thick foundation. I wear the shade Warm beige and it works great with my skin tone. Click here to buy.

I’m really loving applying concealer to brighten up my face and I’ve finally found the perfect one. This Urban Decay concealer is so beautiful and the applicator makes it so easy to apply. I use the lightest shade they have and you can buy here.

Everybody is loving a  highlighter these days and my go to one in my makeup bag has got to be my Mac mineralise skin finish in shade Lightscapade. I apply this to the higher part of my cheeks and also just under my eyebrows. You can click to buy here.

For  my brows I’m loving the Anastasia Dip brow pomade in shade Blonde. It’s the perfect shade to apply on the inner Brow to give that soft blended look. Click to buy here. I use a Mac 208 brush to apply this product.


Those are all my new favs this month guys. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Love Gracie xo


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  1. judy st johnston
    May 31, 2016 / 6:42 pm

    Grace….my comment is this!
    You describe with such passion all the
    makeup and products you use…why
    don’t you add a beauty salon to Urban
    Gent….not only women, but men also
    are into beauty products and you
    could knock ’em dead with your ideas..
    Tell Tom I sent this….DoDo..x
    PS….please reply…

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