Vogues 100th issue with Kate Middleton 

Kate Middleton has taken over the public eye ever since she became the Duchess, but is Kate really aVogue  style Icon? 

Kate has such an effortless beauty and her style and there is no doubt that people do love the Kate Middleton look. Anything she wares that’s affordable sells out before the blink of an eye so yes That answers my question … she really is a style icon. 

I was really excited to see her shoot with Vogue, but I have to admit personally I found the photography a little …. Dare I say… Boring? 




Compared to the Iconic Diana Vogue shoot Kate’s lacked that sparkle some how. Of corse she looks absolutely stunning in the imagery don’t get me wrong but personally I think it could have been so much better……. What do you guys think? 



Love Gracie xo 


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