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Hey guys!


I hope your all well, Ive been so rubbish in the last month with blogging, its been one of those crazy months were you blink and its gone.

Today I’m going to be reviewing my absolutely AMAZING Tiba & Marl baby bag from Jaxon James. Jaxon James is a monochrome inspired store that I for one am a massive fan off. I did a shop feature on this fab store a couple of months back if you want to check that out too just click here.



So THE baby bag of the season…….. it is called the Elwood Backpack and honestly I can’t actually tell you how much I am in love with this bag. I recently asked my lovely friends on IG to recommend some baby bags to me as after nearly three years I never found one I loved and just used my personal bag all the time. It was so impractical as it only had one big space and everything was just jumbled all together. I’d go to Tescos and end up pulling a nappie out instead of my purse!


The minute I saw the Tiba and Marl rucksack my heart skipped  beat…it is soo stylish…..monochrome of corse…. and simply stunning. Jaxon James stock the holdall too, you can click here to check out this bag.


Both bags come with a nappie changer and a very stylish little black clutch. I was originally going to use this to put my nappies in but I’ve found its the perfect size to put all my mummy things in. I carry my cards makeup glasses and phone in it and I can just grab it easily so I don’t have to rummage through it. There is three compartments to the bag, the front small one has a great little phone pocket in.



The middle has the best thing ever…. a bottle warming pocket. It drives me mad when I go out and my pre made bottle goes cold as Charlie is a nightmare and will only drink warm milk. My fault completely but I can’t just give him cold milk… am I the only one?






The third, largest pocket holds the nappie changing sheet and also a great slip pocket were I keep all my nappies. The bag is such a great size and even fits in my baby milk box when were going out for long days out.


Overall this bag is a massive 10 out of 10 for me and I would encourage any Mama to head over to Jaxon James now and grab yourselves one. It will make your lives so much easier….. having two boys I know how hard day to day things can be but having this on my shoulder is my safety net and is my new best friend.


So if your looking for a stylish modern, practical baby bag then this Tiba & Marl bag is the one for you.

Click here to shop the Elwood Backpack.


Have a lovely day!


Love Gracie xo




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