5 Top Tips to create a cozy Living Room



Hey guys,

A living room is the centre of our home and I finally feel like I have the living room how I want it. Every night when the boys go to bed it’s really nice to have a cozy calming room to chill out in. Since creating my office space and the playroom I’ve spent most of  my days in there or the kitchen so at night when I come into the living room I can actually chill and it feels more like the ‘adult’ room.

Theres a few things I’m going to list today that will hopfully help you to achieve your cozy space.


1.Pick a Theme

The key to creating a room that works is to pick a theme and stick to it. Having loads of different trends and items in one room just creates a cluttered feel and brings the flow of the room down. You want your living room to seemlessly blend together so pick a maximum of four colours and try and keep to those colours. Pinterest is a great way to pick your theme and get inspiration, check it out and pick something that works for you. I’ve gone for the monochrome / Scandinavian feel and I love it.


2. Flowers

Flowers instantly bring a homely warm feeling to any room. I always have flowers in most rooms of the house. My living room looks so bare and lifeless when there are no flowers on the table. I get so attached to my flowers and hate having to throw them away. I got this lovely clear vase from ikea and I bought two packs of white roses from Tesco for £3.00 each. A cheap and easy way to cozy up your home.


3. Accesories

A room with only a sofa and a teleu in, is not going to give you the warm feeling you want so adding some essential decor pieces will allow you to bring the room together. I love cushions, throws and fluffy rugs. I have gone with a lighter cushion to my sofa to make the cushions stand out, and a knitted blanket to wrap up in.




I’m obsessed with candles. I can’t sit down at night with my pyjamas and a film unless there are candles lit. It just creates a lovely atmosphere, and let’s face it when you have kids you need anything to help you relax!



5. Clear Voiles 

I recently added these to the windows and it’s changed the whole feel of the room. I think they were £9.00 from IKEA… Bargain!! It gives you a sense of privacy and also makes the room feel really lovely.

If have any questions guys just leave a comment. Thank you for reading ?

Love Gracie xo














  1. January 22, 2017 / 6:29 am

    Wow, they are all so wonderful. I’m full of inspiration now!

    Thanks for sharing your post.

  2. May 7, 2017 / 8:13 am

    I love your design tips. My favorite part of designing a room is your stage three. The wow factor is what gives a space your special touch. In my living room, its a wall full of different size pictures.

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