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If you follow me on Instagram and like my art work around the house then its most likely from the beautiful store Your Type Prints. I first came across Your type when I was looking for a print for the living room and stumbled upon their beautifully clean IG and the rest is history…… Its safe to say I am now addicted. You can have a browse at YTP Instagram here.


This print is my favourite print so far…. all our birthdays are each listed on it and it holds such meaning.

Their clean fresh eye for designing prints is just inspirational. Every print can seamlessly blend together yet each print holds such a unique quality. I have a Your Type Print in every room of the house and every time I look at them they make me feel happy…… isn’t that what art work is meant to do right?



Here is a little bit about what Your type  in their own words:

” Yourtype is a print project

It is the continuation of ideas conceived when decorating our own home with typographic prints which mean something to us. The first of our prints was a large 3 above our lounge fireplace, representing the three people in our little family. Next was a print of our three personal dates; the day we moved into our house, our wedding day and our daughter’s date of birth.

We got to thinking that everyone has at least one story to tell in a simplified graphic way. As the project evolves we continue to develop new ways to present the stories told to us. These bespoke prints are all made to order of numbers, letters, words or dates which are significant to you. Some of our customers
are happy to leave the design to us, others have a specific style or certain colours in mind. We welcome as much input as you want to give.

We also continually invent & re-invent non specific designs which you can find on the readymade page.
Our readymade designs are often inspired by everyday family life or by our interests and surroundings, we discuss ideas and work them up into potential designs, re-work and tweak until we’re happy with them, once they’re deemed yourtype worthy we send them to print. ”



Im so excited and honoured to announce that Your type is now Being mummy’s official sponsor and can only thank Katie enough for all her help and support. You can browse our sponsors page here and find out more information on how to become a sponsor.


Buying a piece of art work from Your Type is such an easy process….. the customer service is spot on, the packaging and print quality is top speck and they look A mazing on your walls. What more can you possibly want from a company?  So if your looking for some beautiful bespoke art work then look no further than Your type. You can easily find all there prints on their fab new website here.

Thanks for reading guys.

Love Gracie xo







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  1. February 12, 2016 / 10:11 pm

    I love the prints around your house. Especially the birthday one. So special! *Off to follow this account on Instagram right now :)* Kat x

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