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I don’t know what it is about baby’s they always make you feel like you’ve just cracked the sleeping code……  They start sleeping through the night  for months and then wham bam one week their up at 5 everyday screaming like there being killed!

Charlie has been so great recently with his sleeping, we’ve had a tough week with his teething but its only really upset him in the day and not at night. Ive got to say over the christmas period I let his routine slip a little letting him sleep a little longer or feeding him at different times so I think maybe this mite have something to do with why he’s suddenly started waking up. He has also found a massive appetite in the last few weeks and literally screams at you if you eat in front of him and you don’t give him any. He’s really lost interest in his bottles in the day which is interesting as he has been such a late bloomer to the food and always wanting bottles.

I always have these days with the boys were it takes me three or four days to realise that something has shifted and I wake up on a routine mission and have to put some thought into whats going on.

So today I have sat down and wrote a slightly different routine for Charlie, but still keeping the elements of what we do know but having more structure and insuring he gets everything he needs to carry him  through the night into the morning.

From now only I am  going to be giving Charlie one bottle in the day and this will be in the afternoon after his nap, and he will also have one when he wakes up and one to settle him at night. The rest of the time he is going to be eating solid foods. I will be writing next week about how I prepare charlie meals and how i make it easiest as possible to do so.

Applying a slight shift in a routine I find always takes about three days before I see a real difference in the boys sleeping. The first day probably won’t see them sleeping through the first night but by day three you should have established whats going on and they should be sleeping.

I have started this routine today so hopefully by Sunday morning ill have a sleeping baby again.

C H A R L I E S   R O U T I N E

8am             Wake up 8oz bottle then porridge
10.30am     Nap till 11am 4oz bottle to settle
12pm           Solid food with drink
1pm             Sleep till 3pm
3pm            8 oz bottle
5pm            Solid food with drink
7pm            Bath and bedtime
7.30-8pm  In bed sleeping


Ive attached this printable routine for you guys if you wanted to print it out and stick on your fridge. Ive jut printed mine so I’m good to go!


If you want to know in more detail anything on my routine for Charlie please don’t hesitate to comment or email me on

Have a lovely day

Love Gracie xo





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