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Hey guys,


Christmas is upon us and I’ve got to say I am feeling especially christmassy this year. The house is finally the way I like it and I’m so excited to decorate. I have started to add little touches of christmas to the house but I haven’t gone all out yet.

My favourite Christmas purchase so far is this stunning ‘winter’ candle I bought from The White Company. It is honestly the most beautiful christmas smell full of berry, oranges cinnamon and lots more beautiful things. It instantly makes you feel all cosy and christmasy. They retail at £25.00 pounds but it is worth every penny.


I also got these stunning tree decorations from The  White Company too. They are a little more pricey, but I think spending a little more on a few decorations to make your tree look extra special makes all the difference.



I also bought these stunning personalised baubles for F&C from Sophia Victoria Joy, she has a full range of beautiful baubles. Check out my previous post for a competition to win two personalised glitter baubles.


Im I am itching to put my christmas tree up but I can never find a real christmas tree before December. I think I’m going to wait till they come out on the christmas markets. We usually never go to the markets as there so busy but we took the boys last week and it was so much fun. We kept our mugs and I’m so in love with them.


Ive wanted to make the sofa a bit more softer for christmas, and I found the most gorgeous things in Primark the other day.image

The LOVE cushion was £5.oo , The throw was £10.00 and the hot water bottle was £2.oo!! Absolute Bargains and so effective. I think I’m going to have to go back in this week and have anther browse!


One other places have dressed is our fire place, I’m still not 100%  with it but I’m getting there. I really want to buy the beautiful wreath garland from the white company, I think it would finish it of perfectly or maybe it would look too much I’m not sure.

image image

Im really battling this year wether or not to go really christmas crazy with the decor and make it really over the top (still keeping it classy) to just to go very simple and elegant.


What do you guys think I should do keep it simple or go all out?

If you wish to know were anything else is from please don’t hesitate to comment.

Enjoy decorating your homes.

Id love to see your christmas decor images on Instagram just hashtag #beingmummyschristmas  and I will feature my favorite every Sunday in the lead up to christmas.


love Gracie


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