The gray hair day!!


So this morning was like every other, I woke up….put my dressing gown on, made the boys their bottles, made Tom a coffee and myself a cup of tea, fed Teddie… Went upstairs to do my makeup and what……. Nooooooo….. Seriously…….are you joking…. It’s paint……or baby sick…. F****k its a GRAY HAIR!!!!

Literally my mouth hit the floor and I actually may have screamed… A little…. Ok maybe a lot. Tom wasn’t too impressed as I scared the life out of him but I did not expect that to have happened on this boring Wednesday morning. So I am 25 and have a gray hair… I have convinced myself all morning that it’s not a big deal but I can’t lie it really is for me! My first gray hair. Life just seems to be flying past at a ridiculous rate and I would like it to slow down please!

These kids are giving me wrinkles, headaches, bags under my eyes, stress, and now a bloody gray hair!!!! A GRAY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to get it out and I feel some what better now and maybe can move on with my day with my gray hair no longer attached to my head as I ripped  it out and discarded any evidence  of it happening…so let’s all pretend the gray hair didn’t happen and look forward to my hair appointment in the morning that is going to make me feel 16 again!


When diddos you get your first gray hair? Did you have a heart attack like me? Let me know!


Love Gracie and my white hair!




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