November vibes


Somehow we are in November…..Somehow Frankie will be three in 6 months time……Somehow my little baby Charlie has suddenly got so big and will be 1 in 3 months!!

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We had such a fantastic halloween! I loved every minute of it. Taking Frankie trick or treating was just the cutest thing ever.I thought he’d be terrified but he was brave that the older ones. Storming up to the doors, nocking and saying treeeaaat. He didn’t quite grasp that you couldn’t go into the houses so i nearly ended up in quite a few living rooms! Ive never been that much of a fan of halloween but I cannot wait for next year now!


Im not really sure what I’m writing about today but  feel a change in the air. The pumpkins and costumes have been put away… the house feels clean and fresh again and the air is getting colder as the days are getting shorter. Ive got to say I really do love Winter. I love winter clothes, I Love dark cozy nights and I’m extra  excited for winter this year as its the first house our little family has lived in that really feels like a home.

Im starting to feel very christmassy and already thinking of how I will be decorating this christmas…. I have my eye on pretty much everything from The White Company. Their christmas decor this year is divine.

I love my monochrome theme but I have to say I have been loving blush pink and grey at the moment. Im currently about to makeover my bedroom and I’m thinking of having a very soft, boutique vibe to it.


You don’t have to spend much to makeover a room. Im buying a new duvet set, bed throw, cushions,candles, artificial flowers and a few prints and frames. Everything is on its way and I can’t wait to do it and show you all.

Has anyone else got the Pinterest addiction? What an amazing platform to browse any idea you have and keep them in a board that you can keep referencing back to. Its the best tool to help you when you thinking of redecorating. I find it hard to decorate my bedside table in a nice way…don’t ask me why but I can never get them looking quite rite, but Pinterest has given me some great ideas.

Come visit my Pinterest for all my home decor images Being Mumy xo Pinterest

Have a great November guys


Love  Gracie xo

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  1. Jessica Masey
    November 16, 2015 / 12:15 pm

    I am as mum of tree kids and I am a graphic.designer
    I love your house design
    My house looks a nursery how you keep it so clean

    • Grace
      February 7, 2016 / 1:49 pm

      Thankyou so much for your comment and compliment about our home. I have started cleaning at night when the boys are in bed and I find its a lot easier to manage throughout the day. I also have a playroom now were all there toys are so I can just shut the door and pretend the toys aren’t there! I hope your having a lovely day. Gracie xo

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