My Halloween DIY


Hey guys.

So  last week I posted about my monochrome autumn home decor and said at the end I would be doing something with glitter with Frankie….. I decided against the glitter + Frankie as I think that would have just been a glitter disaster!

I bought these great paper mâché pumpkins from Hobbie Craft and some paper mâché B O O letters too add to my Halloween theme.


I simply painted the paper mâché pumpkins with white wall paint as I found the white acrylic paint I got from hobbie craft didn’t take very well, and I only needed to apply one coat of the wall paint. I then painted a star shape with PVA glue on top of the pumpkin and sprinkled black glitter on it, little bits of glitter also sprinkled over the white bits which I think gives it alovely touch. With the B O O letters I just painted them black and they were good to go.


The pumpkins to the left on the table are real pumpkins that I just painted white with wall paint again. Really simple but affective. I got the scull cross jars and spider web candles from Asda, a couple of weeks ago.


I picked up this great trick or treat bag from tesco today too that was only 1.50 that Frankie can put all his treats into. I stupidly didn’t hide the sweat pot I bought today and I have just endured a half our Frankie meltdown! I finally managed to convince him if he was really good and had one pack he could have them all tomorrow night…. Hopefully he’ll forget I said that other wise I will be dealing with a sugar high mental zombie pirate tomorrow night!


If you have any questions about my Halloween decor or want to ask me anything please feel free to comment below. You can also tag me on INSTAGRAM @beingmummyxo with any pics you have.

I still haven’t carved my pumpkin! But I think I’ve done enough Halloween making today…/ think I’ll give it a go tomorrow!


Have a a spooky Halloween

Love Gracie xo


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