Hey guys,

So today I thought I would show you all a day in the life of  Charlie, Frankie and I. Being a mum to two little boys is busy and I have a terrible memory so I find having a routine on the fridge really helps me remember when its time to do what. don’t get me wrong I don’t go to it all day long but if you’ve had a long sleep free night your brain is usually a little fuzzy and you can get distracted…..Instagram I’m talking about you!!!

So heres my daily routine with me and my boys, it may not go like this everyday as life is unpredictable but this is how our day normally goes down……anyone that says that stay at home mums don’t do anything feel free to read!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Toddler and Baby Routine

7/7.30 Wake / change nappies
8 AM / 8oz bottle for Frankie and Charlie
9.30 Frankie breakfast / Charlie baby porridge
10/10.30 Charlie 8oz bottle in cot / nap 30-40 mins
11.30 Charlie tummy time
12.00 Frankie lunch
12.30 Charlie bottle 8oz in cot / nap 2.30/3Ppm
3pm Frankie snack / Charlie FOOD 2 cubes of pureed veg 1 of fruit / bottle to top up 4oz
4-5 Charlie tummy time (If really tired sleep for 30 mins before 5pm)
5pm Charlie bottle 8oz
6pm Frankie Dinner
7PM bath and bed time routine
8PM 8oz Frankie bottle / Charlie bottle with half spoonful of baby rice in bed / sleep for the night.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

**Any nap time on here if I want to go out I normally go out at those times as Charlie will fall asleep. I haven’t put down a sleep for Frankie as some days he doesn’t have a sleep, but some days he will fall asleep in the pram or on the sofa **

Heres a downladable routine that I have done for anyone to print off and stick on the fridge, please let me know if you do download and how your getting on, Id love to here from you. Also if anyone wanted me to change it a little and send them their personalised routine just leave your email in the comments below and ill be in touch!


Any parent that has three children need a medal in my eyes because you are amazing!! Let me know if you do have three … or more!!

Love Gracie xo


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