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Hey Guys,

I wrote about bath and bedtime as one of my first blog posts earlier this year. I remember the first time I tried to bath a toddler and a newborn and nearly had a nervous breakdown!

I had a lot of messages saying that mums had gone through the exact same melt down on their first bath time. Bathing two babies and getting them into bed for 8pm is like a military operation!

As the boys grow I am adapting the routine a little but the basic routine is still there, so here how it goes down….

I pre make Charlie and Frankie’s bottle so they are ready to go after the bath. Whilst the bath is running I take Charlie upstairs, I put him on a towel and undress him on his rug in his room so he can have a kick around with no nappie on. I then go and get Frankie and get him undressed. I get a towel for both of them into the bathroom and put their nappies and pyjamas laid out on the floor in Charlies room.

By this time the bath should be run. I used to use a towel covered baby ‘thing’ ( I have no idea what its called) from Mothercare to put Charlie on but now he is grown a little I do the bath shallow enough for him to lie in with a little towel rolled for under his head or he can sit up now ( when he does sit up I put my arm behind him as he is a little wobbly still)

I also made sure that all the fun bath toys are on Frankie’s side of the bath, they entertain him straight away. I make it fun by getting Frankie to help me out with washing Charlie.

They both have a play and a nice wash and after about 15-20 minutes we get out.


I lay the two towels out on the floor and get Charlie out first wrapping him up in his towel, then I get Frank out and I encourage him to dry himself whilst I take Charlie into the bedroom and put him on his rug. Frankie usually follows me in. While I’m getting Charlie creamed and changed Frank sits beside him playing with all the toys i put out for them both…. Then I get Frankie dressed.


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By this time my partner Tom is home so I take Frankie downstairs and give him his bottle on the sofa with his Daddy.

I take Charlie’s bottle up and feed him in his cot, I put his serenity star on, give him a kiss and he’s out like a light. I always take him to bed awake and let him fall asleep by himself as I feel that they learn to fall asleep without you. Sometimes sounds really mean of corse i love cuddles but it just trains them to go to sleep naturally so they are not always depending on you.

Once Charlie is all snug I go downstairs and bring Frankie up to his room. We read a story usually him saying yes at the end of every page …its so cute!! We now say I love you to each other which is honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard…. I say ‘I love you frank’ and he says ‘I love you more mummy’ ….heart melts…. and the minute his head hits the pillow falls asleep.

So that’s how my nights are filled at the moment and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

A first little blog appearance from Frankie and Charlie…. it was to cute not to add!

Frankie & Charlie say ‘I love you’

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Love Gracie x


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  1. judy st johnston
    October 29, 2015 / 1:30 pm

    I love your blog Gracie….Kisses to you all

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