7 ways to soothe a teething baba


Charlie is 8 months old now and he’s only just started getting really upset about his teeth. He has just had one come through last month and now there is one next to it coming through too. Last night was a particularly bad night. I put him down at 8pm, he woke at 10 then 11 and just wasn’t settling by himself so i got into our bed gave him lots of cuddles and he finally settled with me. It bugs me when people say oh you shouldn’t put them in bed with you because they’ll get into bad habits….if your baby is upset and unwell the only thing he will want is comfort and love, and frankly I’m not going to worrying about bad habits when they need you.

Here are the 5  techniques I’m using at the moment to help soothe my little man.

  1. Any sign of redness on Charlies cheeks I straight away give him Nelsons TEETHING GRANULES. Ive tried a few other brands but I find these ones are the best. The great thing about teething granules is that you can give them a sachet every two hours to help sooth the pain.
  2. When Charlie is suffering really bad he has his dummy in for most of the day. I feel that if it is comforting and making him happy then there is no harm in him finding comfort in it.
  3. When Charlie is really irratated when I try and cuddle him he doesn’t even want me to hold him so I put him in his high chair and put nursery rhymes on the iPad, this instantly makes him smile and laugh.image
  4. Teething rings, Charlie has teething keys that he just holds and bites. I find these really help his pain as he can just bite down hard on them to releave it. You can also put these in the fridge to cool which will  also help sooth their gums
  5. They may be hungry…Charlie just bites his bottle sometimes and won’t drink any milk, if he hasn’t had a bottle for a while I give him some baby porridge warm and he wolfs it down. This helps to settle him a little bit as he’s feeling more full and less irritated.
  6. If he seems very restless and upset and none of the above are working I give Charlie calpol (stick to the recommended amount on the bottle for their age)
  7. If all else fails I get into my bed with him turn all the lights off and sooth him with cuddles and he usually drifts off for an hour or two. You justhave to master the art of getting out without waking them, or if its night time I just let him sleep the night with us.

If you have a toddler too I always put Frankie on the sofa with his favourite programme on, with a pack of Wotsits and that normally gives me at least twenty minutes to sort Charlie out.


I hope you may have fund some useful ideas to help your little babe with their horrible teeth! Please get in touch if you want to chat or to let me know if anything worked.

Love Gracie xo



  1. Frankie
    October 24, 2015 / 1:38 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. When Luna is struggling with teething she comes into bed with us. Some people have said its a bad thing to do, but if that makes her feel better, why would I not do it? Also baby snuggles are lovely and there will be so many more years they won’t want cuddles, I think make the most of it while you can!
    Luna is 8 months too and we still have no teeth! We have been teething here for weeks. It’s such hard work for us both! Sending lots of love to you both xx

    • Grace
      October 27, 2015 / 1:51 pm

      Hey lovely thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. Means so much ❤️ I know baby cuddles are the best and like you say they won’t even want us holding there hand in a few year because we’ll probably be ‘so embarrassing to them!’ Good luck on the teeth coming through Hun, cuddles and love is the best way to get through so let’s keep doing it! If you need me you know were I am for any support love Gracie xxx

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