Frankies journey through potty training | part 1


Hey guys,

So I am finally getting around to start Frankies journey into full on potty training. We have had a potty in the house for a few months now and he has had a few wees on it but we haven’t really put that much effort into it. I wanted to leave it in the house for a while so he got used to it and I didn’t just tell him to get on it straight away. So last night I stayed up till 1 in the morning reading Gina fords how to potty train in one week… Don’t stop reading I know a lot of people think her way of doing things is wrong but I have to say she does give some great tips. I’m not going to do exactly what she says as it is too stricked  for me but I’m going to take some useful things from it and adapt it to how we want to do things. One great tip I got is to start a behaviour chart maybe a week before your going to start potty training to see wether they are good with listening and cooperating with you. Frankie definitely  has his moment with the terrible two tantrums so I’m hoping the behaviour chart will help him get excited about listening and helping. Here is Frankies behaviour star chart that I have come up with, I wanted to get the basic things through out the day that I would generally get him to do. He isn’t the best eater so I’m hoping the stars will help him want to eat, we haven’t really started the dressing himself yet but I’m going to start getting him to help me out with getting him dressed so he starts to feel more independent and hopefully will grow his confidence. Here is a printable chart that you can download for your littl

I have done a sample of how I will apply stars to the chart, if he gets 4 stars in one day I’m going to give him a treat like a small chocolate or the frub tube yogurts he is obsessed with. The red dots will be put up when he has a massive tantrum about something and just point blank says no, the yellow is if he just doesn’t do it but doesn’t have a melt down. I will be showing him that he didn’t get a star for that and if he gets more stars he can have his treat. 


(I picked these stickers up for a £1.00 for each pack from PAPERCHASE )

I know this sounds all very stricked but I really do belive that at this age toddlers are testing the boundaries of what they can get away with so having a little structure and guidance to help them along the way in my opinion is a good idea right?

So the potty training is going to start on Monday….. I have bought him his first ever pair of boy pants and it was quite emotional buying them. We’re has my baby gone??!


I thought I’d get him ones with superheroes on so he will get excited to put them on. I got these from ZARA

This is my potty raining chart that I have designed and here is an example of how I will be doing it. Again I will do the same with the accidents, if he has more than 4 stars on the chart I will give him a treat ( I’m making him sound like a dog!! I’m not meaning too)

I am going to have the same potty upstairs and downstairs so I don’t have to keep going upstairs if he needs to go.


I can’t really write about what I will do when we have accidents yet as I haven’t done it so I will write next week about how our first week went. I’m just going to give him loads and loads of hugs and kisses when he does do something in the potty, we may even have a potty dance! But when he does have an accident I’m not going to make him feel like he’s done something wrong I’ll just explain that he has to try and let me know if he’s going to have one so we can get him to the potty. Every parent has their own way of adapting and their own way of doing things but this is how I’m going to be giving it a go.

Heres Frankies Charts on our fridge, download your PRINTABLE STAR CHART POTTY TRAINING


If you haven’t started yet and you want to join in on my journey please do and let me know, all us parents need to help each other out as we are all learning and doing new things every day and it’s scary I’m not afraid to say it!

Wish me luck!


Love  Gracie xo





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  1. October 23, 2015 / 6:31 pm

    Good luck loo loo you can do it … So can Frank … ‘Pee like Daddy’ xxx

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